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Can I get your thoughts on this show idea?


Jul 31, 2005

I had a show (my 2nd) Thursday night, and while the sales were good, I got only one booking (from someone who had previously told me she would host) and I had a terrible time with crowd control (there were 20+ people).

So...I want to do something a little more fun and interactive for this new booking (show on October 7th). Let me know what you think about this idea and if you have anything to add!

To start off, it may be a coed show (or the guys will go to happy hour and come back after we're done to sample the food - not sure yet). My host is a HUGE college football fan, so I think we want to do a football theme. What I'd like to do is split the guests up into teams and have each team prepare a recipe.

So I have a couple questions. Should we have the teams make different recipes or the same recipe? I'm thinking different would be better because I don't have duplicates of all my products. My host does have a few things we can use so we'll have duplicates of some things (batter bowl, food chopper, US&G).

Also, does anyone have any good ideas for football/tailgating/snacky foods? I did a search and found suggestions for Touchdown Taco Dip, the Cool Veggie Pizza as a football field and the football cake in the batter bowl. Any other ideas?

Any suggestions on how to make sure I get my "plug" in for products and bookings? I'm thinking of taking about 15 minutes at the beginning to do this and then letting the teams loose on their recipes.

Any potential pitfalls I need to watch out for, or any other ideas of how to make this fun yet productive??

Thanks everyone!

P.S. Sorry this is so long!
Sep 20, 2005
i think those are really good ideas, if the men decide to go to happy hour and come back, maybe you could turn it into a contest..see which team's recipe comes out the best based on what the men think and have a proze or some kind of special for the winner.


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
It might be a good idea to keep the guys there. One reason I say this is, my S-I-L (who recruited me) did a couples show last month, and it was the men who kept encouraging their wives to spend more money than they would have if the husbands where not there. One lady planned to spend $40, and ended up with $189.00 order, becuase the husband kept saying," this is really cool, I think we need this !!!!" I will be doing a couples show in a month or so, and I plan to divide the men and women, and they have to answer questions to get the product they need for the recipe they are doing. If they answer wrong, they need to beg, or steal the product (it will be on the opposite teams table) Ask the men questions that the women would know, and ask the women questions the men would know. It should be alot of fun, and get everyone involved.


May 25, 2005
I agree...

The men encourage the women to spend more. I would also suggest that you read the thread under product tips-US&G before you decide to let your guests use it. There are some real horror stories there. I did a show where I had teams make different recipes and it went really well. I had a spokesperson from each group tell the other group about what tools they used and how easy it was. Then asked if anyone found a new favorite tool while making the recipe. It was fun and worked well.


Jul 31, 2005

Thanks for all the ideas!! I am VERY nervous about the US&G, especially if people are drinking. I always stress to people just how sharp it is and to be super careful with it. If I don't trust the team who ends up with it (if we end up using it), I'll go over and demo it myself.

I like the idea of having a spokesperson from each team. I am thinking of assigning "captains" for each team. The captain would be someone who is familiar enough with our products to be able to use them without a lot of demo. And then this person could be the spokesperson afterwards too.


Jul 6, 2005
I just thought of a game

you could seperate the couples and let the men and women go through the catalogs. The men have to try and figure out what their wives are ordering, or something like that. Like pick out 6 products they want and then have the wives pick out 6 and see how maney couple get the most matches, gets a prize or free shipping or something like that !It ,may increase sales to ! Well maybe my idea needs some tweaking but, it may work !!


Novice Member
Jul 22, 2005
I've done a couples show (my first $1000+ show! ;) ) and I have done a show with a competition (Survivor theme) and both were very successful.

I used the Pepperoni Twist vs. Apple Cranberry Twist for the competition. The two teams did have to share some of the tools (I am in my SS month 1) but that was part of the fun - they had to read their recipe and try and figure out what tool to claim first. I did have the teams select a captain and that person was in charge of the recipe and who did what. This was one of the most fun and lively shows I have done to date. Everyone just loved it.

As for the couples show - a little advice is to not let anyone who is drinking alcohol use the U-S&G...I had a husband nearly slice the tip of his finger completely off - it was a bad, bad cut and he admitted the martinis consumed earlier didn't help.

Good luck to you - it sounds like you will have a fun show to plan!