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Business Cards


Aug 16, 2005
Can anyone give me some advice as to where I can order business cards, etc. at a decent price? Thanks!
Jul 26, 2005
free vs. branded business cards

You can get 250 free business cards at www.vistaprint.com. I broke down and purchased mine through Town and Country printing, since they specifically do PC business cards. They have the standard and the full color cards. I bought the standard when I first started (3 years ago), and just bought the full color ones now that I am trying to get serious about doing this full time. Town and Country's website is http://www.townandcountryprinting.com/chef.html. Nancy's Artwork currently has the blank business cards on sale. These are fantastic because they have several templates for the business cards (business cards, frequent customer cards, etc.). I'm pretty sure that I saw that these were buy one, get one free. Their site is http://www.nancyweb.com/.

Hope this helps!!!

Misty Shaw Overholt
IKC for The Pampered Chef
[email protected]


Oct 3, 2005
I got mine from vistaprint as stated in the post above. If you do choose to go through them, I have a few suggestions. In order to get the free cards you can't customize it. However you can work with it as I did. Just use the space bar to center and the "ctrl B" to bold, "ctrl I" to italicize, and "ctrl U" to underline which you may already know. The print is kind of small so I would bold it all or at least the main stuff!