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Pampered Chef: Sales Breast Cancer Walk-a-thon

  1. I have a question I hope someone can give me some advise. I have a friend who is the chairperson for the American Cancer Society. They are having a walk-a-thon on 5-13 from 6PM to 6AM. She is wanting me to have a booth up there to keep people awake and raise money. They are not allowing me to make any sales but I can pass out catalogs. She is wanting me to have demostrations to get interest in my stuff. I know that I will have a drawing where people can enter with $1.00 and win something. That is the money I am raising for the ACS. What can I do to help me make money - with orders and shows? I figure if anyone wants to order I can just contact them later. Any advise or suggestions?
    Oh by the way - it is at a high school track so nowhere near a kitchen or sink.

    May 5, 2005
  2. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Did you ask her why she doesn't want you to take orders for the PINK items? This is raising money ($1 for each product sold) for the ACS and early detection.

    You don't have to collect money at the walk-a-thon, but you could go ahead and collect the orders with names and phone numbers. You could let them leave with a catalog so they can place an order.

    You could make this a fundraiser for the ACS. This would give them 15% (if over $600), plus $1 for each product, and if you want to add any of your commission toward the fundraiser.

    Just a thought. Maybe she doesn't realize that the PINK products bring money for the ACS and she might have a change of heart.

    Second idea....
    What if you had the chairpersons pass out catalogs to the participants for a fundraiser. You could still set up at the walk-a-thon and everyone could see what they can order. That way you are not selling at the track, but it is sort of a preview and getting everyone excited.
  3. 2nd question

    Should I try and do any demostrations or just set up a booth with products and catalogs? I've been to some booths where they have food and some where they don't. I'm not sure the best way to proceed. The chairperson I am dealing with doesn't care what I do - its her higher ups that are saying I can't sell anything but I will tell her about the fundraiser and the $1.00 per item sold to go towards the ACS. Maybe she can talk to them and change their mind. I am probably going to stay until around 10PM (can't stay all night-have little ones). I was thinking about mentioning it to the cluster I am in but now I have waited so long trying to figure out what to do it might too close.
    May 5, 2005
  4. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Maybe you could have some cookies and a drink in the quick stir pitcher. That will bring them to your table. I usually have something to eat at fairs (usually cookies or dip, but dip is harder since it needs to stay cool for such a long time.)

    I would have the HWC pre-order sheet out so people can "pre-order" their HWC items. They don't have to pay right there...gives you a reason to call them. I'd let the people who "pre-order" that you are only taking credit or debit card payments and you will call them for that information the next day. So...technically you are NOT selling anything....they are pre-ordering. No money is exchanging hands.

    I'd have a raffle for an item or small basket of smaller things you have extras of. If you don't have any extras, let them know what the free item will be....maybe put it on a poster with the heading, "WIN ME when you TAKE A REST....the money goes to SAVE A BREAST!" (Ok...that is BAD, but it is not even 7am!) Anyway...come up with something catchy or not. (I'm so decisive today!)

    Maybe you could have a small raffle every hour for a FREE KITCHEN SHOW (or you could do items, but don't eat up all your commission making this an expense for you). Then at the end (before you leave), make the raffle for a free stone.
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