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Boost Your Fundraiser Success: Tips for Standing Out at Events

In summary, Danielle is doing a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina on the 28th and is using the event to raise awareness of her products and services. She is also using the event to promote her booking envelope and scratch card system.
iam doing a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina on the 28 th , me and a friend set it up , i got a banquet hall for free, free advertising in 4 local newspapers ect.I signed on 10 other home party consultants to join in, you name it they will be there. How can i make my booth atractive to get attention ??? I am going to do the booking envelope thing , cut out a picture of something and they will get it when their show closes. What are somethings i can do there are going to be 10 !!! Other home partys, i want them to choose me for a show...... HELP !! :)
I say FOOD, first of all. It always attracts me! If you can have it...and FREE STUFF! Have a drawing for a free bar board and knife set (fairly cheap and you can put it on a host's order). Tell people they need to fill out completely so you can contact them if they won. Then do what I have seen others on this site do, call everyone who DIDN'T win and offer them a FREE kitchen show! I think that is GENIUS, whoever came up with that one! Pick an easy, cheap recipe, and go for it!
Maybe with the fundraising in mind, select a certain product (a more expensive one, of course!) and tell them that for every one they buy, you will donate $1 (or $2 or whatever) to the Red Cross. Maybe pick a stoneware piece since it's the special and with the special AND the donation, it will lean people towards buying it.
Finally, what a great idea! Good for you for organizing it!
I think it is so generous of you and your friend to have organized such an event! I hope it turns out to be a huge turnout!

I agree, FOOD and FREE go together when it comes to attention getting :p ! Also, have a nice disply of all the new priducts and maybe even the starter kit. I display the upcoming host specials at every show. I bought a tri fold poster board (like the ones they use at science fairs) and decorated it nice and colorful. I taped up 4 sheet protectors on the sides so I can switch out the monthly special flyers easily. I always get compliments on it, and people seem to flock to it while mingling at shows. And if you are able to maybe use plain white Christmas lights (not the obnoxious blinking ones haha) to decorate around or somewhere near your table. To add that "glow" to your table!! ;)

Please let us know how it goes! Thumbs up to you and your friend! :D
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I came up with a few ideasremember there are 10 other home party reps , so if i want someone to book a show with me i need to stand out ! Iam going to keep my display simple , the new products, some simple additions entertaing stuff seeing as the holidays are near. Iam going to make the table up with a fall setting, Iam having a special if someone places a order of $25.00 or more i will give them a scratch card , i made then on the back of my business cards , i bought the gold scracth of dot stickers , i put prizes under them all stuff i have on hand , frees shipping , seasons best , citrus peeler , quick cut knife. That way they get to take something home with them ! Hopefully if they want to spend money they will do it with me ! I also have a booking idea i made up envelopes with PC stickers i made up 8 of them, if they book a show they get to pick out a envelope with a prize in it. They will get their prize after they hold the show. I put in micro cookers, ice cream scoop, small SA squares , stuff like that , i will then add it on to the show under the host to get the discount off it. I like the food idea , we will all be brining stuff to set up a table of treats, so hmm but ya know tastefully simple will be there i bet she will have food on her table. OK i will make something to put on my table, should i make something sweet ?? keep the ideas comming to me they are GREAT !!! :D
Tastefully SimpleDanielle, I love your ideas - you are so creative! Since Tastefully Simples stuff is pretty gourmet, why not keep yours on the down-home easy side. Concentrate on family meals, our stoneware, our cookware. My little cookie decorating demo went over awesome at my daughters preschool on Friday. I cheated and bought storebought sugar cookies cuz this was a last minute thing, but I made buttercream icing and let the kids pipe it onto cookies with the EAD & I put sprinkles, M&M's in the prep bowls & used the little bamboo spoons. I let them chop nuts with the chopper, grate choc chips with the cheese grater. All on the medium squares and the cooling rack for the cookies. Im just thinking with the holidays coming up, everyone is all about family. Talk about the EAD makes pretty deviled eggs too. This may be a little more work than you want at this, but its an idea. It was super easy.

Also - about Tastefully Simple - I had not even heard of them until these boards, I think they are just catching on in my area. I looked up their website - are they really competition since they are mostly foods? Has anyone ever combined a PC & TS holiday open house or would I be way off base to consider this? I looked and there is a consultant in my town.....
I know of someone who recently USED tastefully simple foods at her PC show. The Tastefully Simple consultant was there too. I dont think it was supposed to be a "combined" show but someone had said to me that it was a good idea to do a show together. Would we be allowed to do that? It isnt against the rules or anything?

I spoke with the Tastefully Simple girl here in my town. We are not allowed to share booth space like at a fair where we would be public. We are allowed to do things like an open house! We are planning one together right after Thanksgiving. We will use PC products and show it off with her food. I'll do a dip or two. She will get the sales $ from mine, and me from hers. I think its a great idea! Neither of us consider it competition, in fact it may help each other! I wanted to do an open house in my neighborhood and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will bring people in!
If you are the organizer for the Fund-raiser put your booth in the most traveled spot or at the entrance. Make a big sign welcoming everyone and list all the vendors starting with Pampered Chef at the top and at the bottom say something like:
Thank you to all our guests and vendors for helping Katrina victims!
Event sponsored by D. Patel, your Pampered Chef Consultant

Be sure to have a PC banner and a sign about PC's Katrina matching donations very obvious on your table. Make 2-step fudge and cut it into hearts with the creative cutters and wrap in cellophane wrap with a ribbon and your business card attached - say "thanks for helping the victums of Katrina" on the back of the card and give a piece to everyone who walks by.
I am doing one tooI have a combined with a Tastefully Simple Lady on November 6th. We only have one product in common and that is the beer bread. Ours is less expensive though. Theirs is $4.75 for one and our is $8.75 for two. Which is a 75 cent savings. And it is the same stuff.
And it is only the two of us but I understand what you are saying. If it is an area where there will be a particular direction you want people to go in, I would actually suggest you be the last booth in line. Just like at our shows, the last thing you say is the first thing they will remember. As far as something to really make you stand out, good question. 4 pieces of poster board, different colors, about 3' x 4' or whatever the standard size is. Put F on one, R on one, Es on the other two. If you are using a table, use this as the skirt! This should catch everyones eye. Then of course you go with your ideas for special offers, etc. Those are good ideas you have. Put the Christmas lights around the poster boards. You don't want to stand out as much as you want to draw attention. Smells to are a wonderful draw. Try this. Get one of those small tiny, electric crock pots for heating scented oils or waxes. Make sure it is electric as you do not want an open flame. Put water in it, keeping an extra bottle of water available to refil as needed. Then add Korintje Cinnamon or Cinnamon Spice Blend. Half the bottle if you need to. Apple, orange, or lemon slices add to that nicely.
Then if you want to do food, the sugar cookie idea is a marvelous base.
Simply cut out or drop the cookies, (personally I would drop them then squish them with a glass to flatten them, sprinkle a cinnamon sugar mixture on them and viola, instant Snicker Doodles. I really want to hear how this goes for you. Please let us all know. Thanks!
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Love the fudge idea !Iam totally going to do that one !!Iam going to put my booth right near the door so they see me first and last ! Iam excited i have gotten a ton of feedback lots of phone calls asking questions about it can they purchase products ! The hotel is helping out a lot ! So i figure it should be good I hope ! It is next wednesday night ! I will be sure to post on this thread when i get home !! Wish me luck all !! :)
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Beth Brigham said:
Make 2-step fudge and cut it into hearts with the creative cutters and wrap in cellophane wrap with a ribbon and your business card attached - say "thanks for helping the victums of Katrina" on the back of the card and give a piece to everyone who walks by.

Hey Beth,
I would love the recipe for the two step fudge! PLease! :D
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Two Step Easy Fudge1 bag Chocolate Chips
1 can cake frosting

Melt chocolate chips in small saute pan, sauce pan, or micro-cooker.
Stir until completely melted and smooth.
Add cake frosting and mix well.
Spread on a piece of parchment paper. (Line the inside of your chillzanne if you have it.)
Once cooled but not yet firm, place in EAD and press individual bite-size pieces.

Beth has posted this on another thread with some extra tips. Just do a search for two-step easy fudge and you should find it.
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Is it safe to do that on a stone ?I read somewhere they say to use a bar pan , iam afriad to put hot fudge and then refrige it . Wouldnt you chance cracking the stone ?? I like the chillzane idea much better !!
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In placing your booth at the front, BE CAREFUL...sometimes these areas get a little congested so people push through and never even see your booth.

Also, if you have time take some after dinner butter mints or those almond thing you get at weddings as baby showers, wrap a few in tulle, tie it with ribbon and hole puch your business cards so that you can then tie your business card to the candy...it makes a great tool as people will want to grab a business card with food and they will remember it rather than just a plain business card that will probably be thrown on the ground. I am doing it for my bridal expo i have i sunday. M mom used to do it at the perfect wedding guides bridal expo and it was wonderful...everyone remembered her and called her within the next week...see had about 300 phone call from it.

I have attached a flyer that I am using this weekend as an example of what you can use...the gifts I have to give out are inexpensive, but you can always just change the gift listed. it's very plain, but I printed it on bright orange paper so people will see it better.

I hope all of this helps!


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Ready to roll !!Iam all set ! I made my two step fudge , it is chillin' right now ! Going to cut out pieces with the creative cutters , put them in Halloween paper cup cake holders wrap with saran wrap , put a bow with my business card. Will put them on simple additions. I have a really pretty display i set it up several times to see what works the best. Iam going with the new fall line and simple additions , it is on special soon and it is the season for entertaining !
I created little scratch off cards with my business cards if they purchase $25.00 or more they will get a scratch card , prizes such as seasons best , paring knife , citrus peeler ect. I have a pretty cranberry table cloth to go over my table ,goes well with the new fall linens, and new SA pieces , Iam going to put up my PC banner in the front of the table, I have a white one with Pc done in black and the hat in cranberry. Iam so excited ! I hope we raise a lot of money !! We had to sign a contract with The Red Cross, I was really surprised we had to go through a lot of paper work ! The lady said it was because a lot of people are putting on fake fundraisers and keeping the money ! How low can someone be. Well we are legal now !!Nothing to worry about ! So if any of you are planning something similar contact the The Red Cross first to get your paper work, so you cant get into trouble !
Wish us luck ! I will post on this thread when i get back and tell ya all how it went !! Thank you for all your help !!!! You guys are GREAT !!! :)
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How did you make the scratch card?!

I wish you the best on your event!!
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I boughtthese gold round scratch off stickers, on the back of my business cards i wrote the prize and put the stickers over the prize ! They were cheap , i believe i got the idea and site form this web site !
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How it wentWell we had all of the 11 vendors show up. We were off to a good start and then the un- thinkable happened. A elderly women crossing the road in front of the hotel was hit by a car. I cant understand why she was crossing the highway it is a 4 lane highway, it was dusk. It was awful. Iam unsure of her condition. The police and reconstructive crew had the hotel blocked off for well over a hour. So that was basically it for the fundraiser. We unded up raising $300.00 all together. I got about $100.00 in orders and no leads at all. But at least we raised some money for the Hurricane. :(
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Oh wow, that's terrible! Not only for you but that poor woman. Is there any chance or rescheduling? Sorry all that happened. :(

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