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Booking Ideas


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Nov 3, 2005
I need booking ideas or game ideas for shows. I have tapped out my list of 100, and the last 5 shows I have had no bookings. I am trying to make my shows more involved, but I really need bookings. I am starting the year off with 2 in January and 1 in Febuary. Any ideas would be great help. Thanks for all your support. :)
Amanda Fairall
Nov 23, 2005
I just started using a coupon for my hosts (and I present it and explain it in front of all the guests) and if I'm at a show where I really need bookings I offer products as an incentive. I've given away a pizza cutter, a batter bowl, etc.. If someone is on the fence about booking I offer a free product in addition to the coupon offer I do. I'll attach my coupon to this post so you can take a look. :) Another idea is to go back through all your old drawing slips and cold call people. Especially anyone that expressed an interest in the cookware. Since they can get a piece in Feb. for 60% off. Also talk about the fact that January is a "Never Been Done Before" extra 50% off in free product just for being a host and that they don't have to do anything extra. Good luck!!:D


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Jul 31, 2005
My most successful show as far as bookings go was one where I broke the guests up into teams and had them prepare the recipes. They had much more fun than if I had talked through a demo, so they were more interested in having a show of their own. You may want to propose the idea to your upcoming hosts and see what they think!