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Birthdays-how do you use to increase sales?


Apr 20, 2005
I have not yet tried this, but I saw on another thread that some offer a 10% discount on orders placed during the month of your birthday. It's sounds like a great incentive to boost sales. You could also offer something free in the month of their birthday, instead. Pick a certain item or a certain dollar amount, based on how much you want to spend. You can add it to the hosts order to help you out with the cost. You could also offer special incentives for hosting a show in their b-day month. Maybe offer a free show. (you provide all the ingredients, plates, etc.) These are just a few ideas. I'm sure everyone else has some to add, also. HTH

Dawn Trudell
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN


Jul 13, 2005
Any suggestions for a post card for birthday special with a blank space for consultant to enter the special. I would look on guest past orders to see what special discount or gift would apply to them.
I was thinking of choice of 2 birthday specials- one for placing an order during birthday month and the other for hosting a show during birthday month.
I really want to start sending out birthday postcards for December shows.

I have been passing around at each show a birthday club book. In it I have been collecting guest's birthdays and contact info.



Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I have a section on my order form (that I created myself) for the birthdate (just day/month).

Each month, I run a report and send out a birthday card with a $5 Pampered Chef dollars (that I make and are redeemable only through me) and a teaser about book a show with me in your birthday month and get <insert whatever> here.