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Theme Show Back to school lunch ideas show


Novice Member
Feb 10, 2009
Hi Everyone,
My name is Jennifer and I became a consultant last November. I have been reading the boards for months but the is my first post. :)

Besides being a Pampered Chef Consultant I am a preschool teacher and when parents come to help in my class they are always interested to see what kids are packing in their lunch, because "they are always looking for new ideas". So I started thinking... What if I put together a show about new school lunch ideas. I just wanted some imput or if anyone had ideas to share and also wondered if anyone has done a show like this before.
So I was thinking things to showcase could be:
*Apple wedger
*Pineapple wedger
*Egg Slicer Plus
*mini muffin tin
*crinkle cutter
* Core & More
*Citrus Peeler
*Citrus Press - to squeeze lemon juice on apples to keep from turning
*Suds pump 'cause kids tend to use lots of soap & it fun
*mini whipper
*creative cutters

Is there anything I am missing? Can anyone think of a good receipe to do? Or should I do one? Any input would be great. Thanks for looking.


Patty Davis

May 25, 2009
When I do Kids Camps, we use the bar board, My Safe Cutter too.

You could also do the Apple/Peeler/Corer/Slicer. You can use The Corer to core apples or tiny pumpkins to make cute candle holders.

That's all I can think of right now...


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Silver Member
Mar 27, 2005
:D:D:D My full time job is the head of food services for an 8 building school district housing 4000 students:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

So I vote in showing them how to take a sandwich bag and close it with a twixit clip!!! Ha!

I am only joking...you can not please 4000 children every day of the school year!! Great ideas and I do love them! My mission is to get kids to eat healthy. Not all, but a majority of lunch boxes from home have many "treats" in them that I would not even think of selling. So healthy lunches whether they are from home or served at the school!!!
Apr 7, 2009
How about the stoneware muffin pan for savoury muffins for lunch as it's higher value?

Love the idea - might try that in August in Scotland!



Mar 19, 2009
You've got quite a few that I would've thought of =)
Crinkle cutter- veggie sticks

I'll post more as I think of them...DH is playing a game right now and I can't concentrate! LOL