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August Show

Jun 14, 2005
I just wanted to brag a little because I was surprised at how well my last show did. I just did a show on Tuesday, August 23rd. Before the show I was really excited because a week before my host asked for 20 more invites than the 40 I had given her. I was taken back since she was my first host to ask that. She sent out 56 invites. I called her the Sunday before and to my surprise she only had 5 confirmed guests. I was kindof disappointed but, I reminded her to call her guest tonight or tomorrow to remind them. So, when I did her party I was glad to see 10 people there. She also got 5 outside orders and her show did $918.00 in comm. sales. I was very happy to say the least. Well, how has everybody else's month gone? Let me know. :)


Mar 26, 2005

That is an excellent show!! GOOD JOB! I need some of that to rub off on me!!

All the best!!!


Apr 22, 2005
That's Great!!!! Shows like that really get you excited for the next one. :D


Silver Member
Mar 17, 2005
Congratulations with your awesome show Hypersteffy!! :D GOOD JOB!!

You asked how others August shows were going. I did my first couples show Saturday. 8 couples and 3 singles showed. I always have fun at my shows but this took the cake! All the guys there were "class-clowns". I had them pamper their wives by doing to the demos. OH MY! :eek: The guy that was filling the deviled eggs with the EAD was trying to make Dairy Queen curls with the filling! :D I had to put the hosts husband in time-out (used my Clock/Timer) because he was cheating with a game! Anyway...when I left that night she was at $1105 with more outside orders coming in! We are to close Wednesday.

I think I will have a $3000 August! :eek: Only $1000 to go till I earn my new showcase!!! Woo Hoo