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Are Complications Keeping You Stuck in Life?

In summary, complications can keep us stuck and prevent us from creating the life we want. Many of us have been taught that things are supposed to be complicated and a struggle, but this only distracts us from our goals. Common complications such as time, clutter, and to-do lists can be removed from our lives by making small, consistent efforts. Struggle, guilt, and constantly saying yes to others can also hold us back. Over scheduling and adhering to "shoulds" can limit our choices and opportunities. By becoming aware of our limiting beliefs and patterns, we can change them to better serve us and our goals.
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The Top 10 Ways that Complications Keep You Stuck

Do you ever notice that life seems excessively
complicated? Do you ever wonder why? Because we make
it complicated. Many of us have been taught that
things are suppose to be complicated, that things are
suppose to be a struggle, that things are painful and
that this is how we grow. But in actuality, this is
what keeps us stuck, standing in place, and distracted
from creating the life we want. All these
complications are covering up who you are, and what
you want. Here are a list of common complications and
some strategies to remove them from your life.
Removing roadblocks will create opportunities to take
your life in the direction you choose.

1. Time

This is the number one complication that we throw up.
We don't have time to exercise, we don't have time to
clean out our closet, and we don't have time to spend
with ourselves. How much time did you spend last week
on activities that don't have meaning for you? Why
aren't you as important? Make a commitment to yourself
by starting small and take 15 minutes each and every
day to work on whatever has been on your mind.

2. Clutter

It is so easy to get sucked into clutter and lose
everything else along the way. Clutter keeps you
distracted by taking up space and energy. We can't pay attention to what we want when we are in a chaotic environment. Start removing clutter from a small space, preferably the most favorite place in your home. Do you feel the easing in your body? Do you start to gravitate towards that spot? Do you feel a sense of peace? Keep expanding the circle so that your home becomes your haven.

3. To-Do's

How can we focus on the big picture when we have a
continuous list of details taking our focus? Get rid
of the to-do list. You will not forget what is
important and needs to be accomplished. We tell
ourselves that we have to do all these activities in
order to sustain our lives but it is just a
distraction. If it is a chore and you don't feel like
doing it, why are you forcing yourself? Start by
getting rid of at least one to-do and work your way up
from there.

4. Struggle

This is both a sign and a symptom. Most of us are
taught that struggle is normal and necessary to move
forward. Is this really the case? When things are easy
and flowing in our life, good things happen. When you
are struggling, things don't go your way. So when you
start to struggle it is a sign that you are working
against your intentions. Use struggle as a clue for
what is not working for you in your life right now.

5. Guilt

We use guilt for all sorts of reasons. Guilt is a very
powerful emotion; it gets in our way and prevents us
from moving forward. We use guilt as a way to keep
good things from happening to us. Ask yourself why
don't you think you deserve good things in your life?
What can you do to change your perception? Examine
your guilt, is it something you have control over?
What is the root cause?

6. Saying yes

Helping people is a wonderful character trait, but
sometimes it gets in the way. Helping people can also
be a way of avoiding what you need to do in your own
life. Sometimes you have to say no. It is difficult to
work on your life if you are always putting the needs
of others before your own.

7. Over scheduling

Somewhere along the way we have convinced ourselves
that every second of our lives has to be planned out.
It is hard to put our focus to new things when we have
every second from morning till night filled. When we
go on autopilot and are just busy doing we sometimes
lose sight of the fact that some of our activities no
longer fit us. Examine your activities. How do they
serve you? Look at your schedule. Does it still make
sense? Are you in a rut? Where are the opportunities
to break out?

8. Shoulds

The never-ending list of all the things we should do.
It's tiring just thinking about it. Here is a
question, why? Why do you have to do all these things?
Who tells you that this is the requirement? We have
choices in life. Examine yours. Do things because you
want to do them, not because you think you have to or
you should do.

9. Limiting Beliefs

We have many beliefs in life, both good and bad.
Awareness of your beliefs is a key factor to changing
them. A lot of times we are not even aware that we
have a belief that is limiting our ability to move
forward because they are so much a part of us it feels
like who we are. Start to notice how you think about
things and situations. Do you notice a pattern? When
you see the pattern determine the belief behind it.
How does that belief serve you both positively and
negativity? Is there a different way to look at it?
One that fits more with who you are and where you want
to go.

10. Negative Self-Talk

The terrible things you say to yourself are getting in
your way. Ask yourself, would you ever talk to another
person the way you talk to yourself? All of that
negative self-talk wears you down and zaps your
energy. It is very difficult to work up the energy to
change your life when you keep bringing yourself down.
Start to become conscious of the things you say to
yourself. Start to shift your thinking to thoughts
that serve you better.

Jennifer Ottolino
-Kirsch is a life coach and founder of The Life Intuitive. She works with people who are ready to take ownership of their lives and step into their potential. She believes in the power of connection and that each person has the capacity to create an amazing life.

I completely agree with you, Jennifer. We often make our lives more complicated than they need to be by focusing on the wrong things and getting caught up in distractions. Your list of complications and strategies to remove them is spot on. I especially relate to the points about clutter, over-scheduling, and limiting beliefs. It's important to take a step back and evaluate what is truly important and necessary in our lives. Thank you for sharing these insights and strategies. It's a great reminder to simplify and prioritize.

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