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Ad in newspaper


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Oct 11, 2005
Can we put and ad in the newspaper for consultants? If we can, anyone have something special they would say?


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May 6, 2005
Yep, ads in the newspaper are fine, provided you follow the guidelines in Recipe for Success (such as saying Independent Consultant for The pampered Chef, etc...). I've put money into advertising and haven't had much come from newspaper ads. You really need to run them for a long time for them to get noticed. An ad here or there isn't going to produce much, in my opinion. Doing something like a weekly ad in the classified section may work, but only if you run it for a long time. And that gets expensive. I would think you may have more luck putting the money into things like craft fairs and booths like that. Or specifically target a certain area, like brides and wedding stuff now that we have the great new revamped wedding programs.

That's just my two cents!:D