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    Looking for an older recipe

    I think what you are looking for is called cool veggie pizza.
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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    Can you give me s price on the dinner and salad plates. And the serving pieces? Thank you
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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    what do you have and prices please
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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    That is more than fair. Thanks so much. If you would like to email me the total and a paypal account I will send you payment ASAP. And thanks again. It is very much appreciated. Lisa. [email protected]
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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    I would be interested in all for the right price. Thanks
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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    ISO dots dinnerware. Please let Me know what you have available and prices. Thanks
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    Hanging up my apron after 20 years

    I do have some Nancy's artwork stickers I can take a picture if you are interested. Thanks
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    Post card invitation lot

    I have a lot of 29 packages of postcard invites for sale All new and in sealed packages. I have decided to hang up my apron and need to clean out some inventory. Thanks for looking and have a great day
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    Nancy's artwork postcards

    I have many Nancy's artwork postcards which are a great helper for your business I am hanging up my apron so I am looking to get rid of some stuff. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks
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    For sale: Seasons Best

    I have many old seasons best cookbooks dated as far back as 2005. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thanks and have a great day
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    ISO 2008 and 2010 Seasons Best

    I have two sif you are still looking let me know Thanks
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    Hanging up my apron after 20 years

    What's everyone looking for? Trying to clean out my supplies. Let me know if there is something I may have that you are looking to buy
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    Nancy's artwork clear logo stickers #668

    I have a total of 236 labels available. I would like to get $20 for them which would include shipping. Let me know if you are interested