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    Does anyone have a template?

    here is what i came up with
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    Does anyone have a template?

    Does anyone have a template?
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    A Different Fundraiser

    i wouldn't do it as a cupon for a free show get a basket than put plates, silerware, napkins ALL in fun colors than pick a reciepe that you could buy some of the ingredents for like a bag of chips and a salsa recipe wrap it all up as a gift basket and i would do that pampered pool as a fund...
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    Who is a vendor with Davids Bridal?

    i just send this out one of these as an email i like to keep the initail contact short and sweet
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    Door prize slips

    ok here it is
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    Door prize slips

    i think this worked
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    Can't get any takers...

    my FAVE cookware demo is burnt cheese
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    I just want to cry...we got 4 inches over night and there is no school

    We are on our second snow day here in Nebraska and the fact that my kids were off all last week for spring break and the thurs-fri before for conferences i am wondering what i was thinking this stay at home mom is WAY more work than any 9-5 but the pay is way better my 3 year old was stuck in...
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    Website questions

    when someone places an order on the website it already is turned into PC right or do i have to enter it into pp?
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    Bridal Fair Follow up

    Wrong file this is it
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    Bridal Fair Follow up

    i think this worked
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    12020 Zip Code

    if anyone lives in this area please contact me
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    Looking for comission flyer

    i was up LATE monday night and i printed off a bunch of things that i wanted to look at however i saved none of them and no i cant find one that was a chart showing what comision you make if you do 1-4 shows a week down one side and across the top was show averages 400- 700 i THINK of course i...
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    Taste of Home Cooking Schools

    Found one Now What? okay i found one and i got a table i am SO excited but now i wonder what i should put in the goodie bags (1000) it is about an hour away from my house so i was thinking about doing a cupon to off set the direct shipping cost and i was thinking about doing the book to look...