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Working Pampered Chef and Pregnancy

In summary, it is possible to work a full-time job while being pregnant. Pregnant women should plan ahead and try to get catalog shows around the time they are due.


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My husband and I are working on starting a family. I was wondering how some of you ladies have worked your business around your pregnacy and birth. I'm tryin to look toward the future and would love any advice.
I started PC when my son was 15 months old. I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years and last year got pregnant, moved twice and had my daughter 5 weeks later. So, YES, it is VERY possible to work this job alongside things like pregnancies and having a newborn. I never took a leave, although you do have that option if you want to take a leave of 3 months. I just did a couple catalog shows to stay active in order to keep my business going when I wasn't out doing kitchen shows. I did kitchen shows up until being about 8 1/2 months pregnant. Just plan ahead as much as you can and really try to get catalog shows around the time you're due as well as soon after the baby is born. You never know how ready you'll be to get back into the swing of things after that.

On the other hand, I know I REALLY needed to have those breaks away from home and appreciated having the shows to go out to. It's a GREAT balance and can work into just about any person's situation! Good luck to you!
:) I currently am pregnant with twins...I'm due Jan 16th, but they will be about 2 weeks early. I am running my business as any normal person would, I just have decided to stop booking kitchen shows between December 18th and February 1st. This way I will have plenty of time to recooperate and if I decide it is not long enough, I will have plenty of time to call my hosts to reschedule or convert to a catalog show. I am still trying to book catalog shows though b/c those take like no time at all an no effort really. This way I won't go inactive and I can keep recieving those great incentive PC has to offer. Also, Pampered Chef does have a way that you can take a maternity leave without penalty, I think you just have to call home office. I am not sure how long they allow or anything, but it may be something you might want to look in to. Good luck starting your family and I hope I helped you!

PS for one of my december shows...it's on the 3rd 2 hours away...I am going to make my husband drive and help me out. He is so great in that he is so supportive of my business and wants to help out in anyway he can so he has agreed to drive and help me set-up. He even offered to do the demo for me!!! I can't let him do that, it takes away my fun! But it will be nice to have him there so I can make him put stuff in the oven or microwave or whatever...he'll be my little helper! :)
I was just coming to ask the same question! I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with the Pampered Chef and I also just found out that we are expecting baby #4.

I am very optomistic that I will be able to juggle everything. :)
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Me Too!I think something is in the water! We just got pregnant with #4 although my husband has a vascetomy in June! :eek: I am still in denial!
Chef Kearns said:
I think something is in the water! We just got pregnant with #4 although my husband has a vascetomy in June! :eek: I am still in denial!

OMGosh! The same thing happened to my cousin. Her hubby had the big "V" and then they got pg with #3. Come to think of it, she was a PC consultant at the time....:D
Ok, I will be steering clear of this site for awhile. haha. We have all we can handle. Congrats to all of you!!!!
Wow, congrats to you guys!!! My director has four kids and I believe was a consultant back when #4 came along and maybe even #3. And she's VERY successful....always earns the trips and incentives. :D
Congradulations to both of you!
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wow congrats to you all!! I am hoping some miracle will work for me and my hubby. i had my tubes tied after number 3 and we both regret it now....you guys gave me some hope that something might happen after all!!! hope all goes all well with your pregnancies...one of our best friends is in labor right now and having the baby at HOME!!! she's braver than me!!!
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Thank you ALL for your kind words and support. You have given me some great advice! Have I mention yet, thast I just LOVE this community? Just about a million times!
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If you're doing PC your gonna be PG?Holy cow! :eek: Reading all these posts, I'm going to double up on my birth control pills for a while!
Congratulations to you all...now stay away from me if your contagious. ha! :D
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Yay for all the PC Pregos!LOL Rita! Just the opposite for me... I wanna drink the PC prego water!! (ha ha) Was just getting ready to start to try next month so maybe some of the PC prego's can send some baby dust this way! LOL

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good luck with trying next month...I hope all goes well...I'll send you some water from here in daytona b/c it seems that everyone is either pregnant or just had their child!!! The day my cousin in law's girlfriend had her baby, the hospital also delivered twins in one room and triplets in the other!!! With this hurricane being so stupid and crazy as it is right now, my main fear is to break into labor during the hurricane and have to have my mom or someone deliver my twins and then something bad may happen b/c it would be pre-term and they wouldn't have a NICU anywhere near by. I'm slowly starting to freak out!!!!
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I'm doing a little freaking out myself but not because I'm pregnant (thank goodness!!). I'm sure everything will be fine for you as the storm would have to travel across land and that will take some of the punch out of it. I'm on the central west coast of Florida and the next few days are going to be an adventure! From the current track, it looks like we'll be spared again but if we've learned anything with the hurricanes this year, it's that we never know for sure and preparation is paramount! We'll be packing up and bringing things in for the next few days. Good luck to all the mommy & daddy's to be. Mine are teens now and I often think back to those "quieter" times before they could talk and argue!! ;)
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My thoughts are with you, Lauren!
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I survived!Hello!

When I read this thread I just had to reply. I started my business almost 3 years ago when my daughter was 2 months old. And I survived having my son this April 19th! So he is now 6 months old. I have some exciting news...you can do whatever you want to do! I promoted to Director this month and I am only 4000 points away from Vienna! That was taking April, May and most of June off! :D

I did get some great advice from Jennifer Stevens about how to keep your business going throughout pregnancy and maternity leave! The best thing Jennifer told me was to book the shows I wanted for June before I had my son! So in March and April I was booking June. For those that didn't want to wait until June, they were more than happy to have a catalog show!

I also sent HELP! postcards to my family, friends and past hosts saying that I needed help staying active throughout my maternity leave. I got 6 catalog shows through these postcards! So they really helped! ;)

Hope this helps all of you!

Smiles, :p

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Marlene: Thank you so much for your inspirational post!
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exausted!Any tips for those of us who work full time as well? I have a few "after work shows" that I booked before I discovered i was the big P ;) (still early though) and could hardly get through my show last night. I really didn't sell very well, burned the cookies (didn't sell a single piece of stoneware!) and forgot to put chicken on the Clubhouse Chicken Squares-the host is the friend of someone at work, so I didn't want to explain myself to her (as I am only 5 weeks). I definetly won't book any more "after work shows". The sales were only $150, i still got home at ten, after having been at work since 8am-not too fun.
The only good thing that came out of it was that everyone loved the squares and I actually think that they are better without the chicken!
Also, I used to just bring all the dirty dishes home with me, but since I can't deal with the odor of mayo and garlic, I washed all the dishes at the hosts house.
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There must be something magic about baby #4....good luck & congrats to all of you! I hope that this isn't a sign for me, though!!! :eek:

I started PC when I was pregnant w/ my 3rd child b/c I knew that I was going to quit my full time job and be home with the kids. Plus, I wanted to get my name out there and in contact with people before I left the mainstream.

I ended up having to be on bedrest for the last month of pregnancy (Sept). Gabe was born in October and then I didn't have another show until December. I wanted to take a break from having to do anything but be a mom. I did not take a leave of absence, but there were a couple of times that I barely made the minimum to stay active...especially once I decided to get back into the swing of things! It was hard b/c it felt like I was starting all over. It wasn't until May/June that things started to change for the better in my business and I've been improving ever since!

I did nurse my son for many months and it was hard in the beginning to time things just right....

Hey, being pregnant can also be a great recruiting tool! :D
Good luck, GOD BLESS!!!!
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I'm 6 months pregnant with my 2nd and so far it hasn't gotten in the way of my business. One thing I recommend though is if you use your crate to carry your products in have someone help you. I have found most hosts and their families are very accommodating and help me carry things in and out of my car.

1. How does Pampered Chef support pregnant employees?

Pampered Chef offers a variety of benefits and accommodations for pregnant employees, including flexible work arrangements, access to lactation rooms, and the option to take additional breaks as needed.

2. Can I continue working as a Pampered Chef consultant during my pregnancy?

Yes, you can continue working as a consultant during your pregnancy. However, it is important to listen to your body and take breaks as needed. You may also want to adjust your schedule or delegate tasks to other team members to reduce stress and physical strain.

3. Are there any restrictions on the types of products I can handle while pregnant?

While there are no specific restrictions, it is important to follow proper safety guidelines and avoid any activities that may put you at risk. This may include lifting heavy objects, working with hot or sharp objects, or being in environments with strong chemical odors.

4. What should I do if I experience pregnancy-related complications while working for Pampered Chef?

If you experience any complications during your pregnancy, it is important to communicate with your manager and HR department. They will work with you to find accommodations or make adjustments to your work schedule as needed.

5. Is there a maternity leave policy for employees at Pampered Chef?

Yes, Pampered Chef offers a maternity leave policy for employees. The length of leave and benefits may vary depending on your role and length of employment. It is best to discuss your options with HR before your due date to plan for your leave.

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