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What do you do for craft fairs?

Oct 7, 2005
I have been looking for fairs in the area and have found a couple that are inexpensive to do. Do you have products that you sell on the spot or make crafty things to sell there? Or do you basically promote your products and services but not have anything to sell up front? I thought about making up some of the batter bowl gifts for display and letting people order those. I don't want to have to spend too much money without being sure what I may sell and really I want the booking and recruiting leads more! I am not really sure what I should have on hand besides all my PC products, etc. I am still new to PC and am having a hard time getting bookings, thought this might help!

Any advice would be appreciated...


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Jun 27, 2005
I am going to be doing a vendor event in Nov. I have purchased some mini spats and Seasons best to sell as cash and carry, but diplaying the others. I have thought about cash and carrying the things that I have 2 of, but I can't figure out how to give them receipts that HO would accept. I am also thinking of since Christmas is right around the corner...Making a few of the batter bowls with those recipe ingredients like the brownies. Just to display of course to show them great gift ideas.


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Jul 29, 2005
Be careful

Almost all of the events that I have done have very specific guidelines about "selling" from the booth and usually that you have a business permit. I use festivals and other vendor events as a place to promote are most important product, the business, and to get bookings. If someone does just want to order a veggie peeler, etc. I will take their outside order, which is great now that we have the new forms.

Other than that, I bring the new products to display and since it is getting close to holiday season, I would have some display ideas.

I am doing a street fair on Saturday and I am going to core green apples and mini pumpkins with the cooks corer and use them for candle holders. I think I will display the pumpkins on the sage SA rectangle in the woven selections and place fall colored leafs around them. Have some of the new and old products on display and scatter the apples decoratively. I will also do a table that is "sports" themed and hang my daughters cheer outfit and poms on the canapy and do a display to show how easy it is to entertain on game day simply but with style - no more plastic chip bowls, SA and PC all the way!

Good luck and have fun.

PS - my director told me recently, try to decorate your booth with less, but be creative and make it look like more! Use multi sized boxes under your table cloth to give the display height and depth.
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