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Wanting to do a newsletter and need ideas/suggestions


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Nov 9, 2005
I am wanting to do a monthly newsletter and I am looking for ideas/suggestions on what to include in it and how to set it up. Thanks in advance.
Sep 20, 2005
I personally use www.tastytidbits.net . It's cheap (about $1/mo) and very good. Plus, if your get referrals, she extends your subscription by 1 month, so you could really just pay for the first year and get all of the rest for free. she sends it out on the 25th of the month before the newsletter is geared for (25th of October for November's letter) and she has a sample on her website so you can see what it is like. Feel free to use me as a referral if you decide to use her.


Apr 22, 2005
I did my first newsletter for November and used a template from microsoft. In Word, Help, Microsoft Office Online...there I selected a template, and edited it with the stuff I wanted to talk about. Then I saved it as November. Next month, I'll open the template and make December's!

This is a great website to glean ideas to incorporate your own flavors to make it unique to you! It helped me to create my newsletter...

The stuff that I put in it:
1) Hostess w/ the Mostess (congrats to top sales host & what she earned). thanked all hosts by first name and last initial.
2) Upcoming Host specials
3) 10 reasons to Host a show this Holiday Season
4) "Have you ever...." (questions about owning your own biz, setting own hours, etc.)
5) Turkey Tips
6) Recipe Corner
7) Contact info
8) Disclaimer lines (blind copy, removal, referrals, etc.)

I was really nervous about people "rejecting" me...but so far have had only 1 person request removal from email list, one person ask me to keep sending b/c she wants to do a show after b-ball season's over, and another person booked a show for Dec.2...totally worth it!


I've done a newsletter for the past 2 months

I'm in my 3rd SS month, and I've done 2 newsletters so far. I send them out on the first day of the month. Each time I break it up into sections:
1) Thanks to all hostess who held shows with me for the month.
2) Show special section. I highlight the hostess and guest specails for the next 3 months.
3) Look at what my top hostess earned for the previous month.
4) 2 Recipes
5) Take a closer look at being a PC consultant
6) My personal thoughts for the month.

All of my clients LOVE the newsletter. I get great feedback.

At the moment, I am offering a "special" - submitt a Newsletter Name for my newsletter and receive 20% off 1 item.


Feb 23, 2005
Would you mind posting a copy of your newsletter here? The ideas you've listed sound great and I think it would give us an even better perspecitive of your newsletters if we could see them...



Apr 22, 2005
december newsletter

I hope it turns out right by attaching b/c it looks different when I edit v. email it....you can probably tell that I'm not very computer savvy!

Anyway, thanks to Cindycooks for her great idea on the 12 days of Christmas!


  • December News.doc
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Oct 7, 2005
Wow MSmith, that's really nice! I have a hunk-o-junk old computer without Word or any program like it, so my attempts at making up a decent newsletter have been quite scary.. But this is really nice! Way to go!
Nov 23, 2005
I pay $10.95 annually to get my monthly newsletter and it's a tax write off. I use www.123byrequest.com I have gotten rave reviews from my preferred customers about it. :D

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