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Uploading Contact info to website



I just found on my website assistant that we can now send customer care emails from our website. However, it looks like we cannot upload our info from Pampered Partner.

Am I missing something? I have over 100 contacts and frankly I don't want to imput one by one.

Any suggestions?

Okay I feel really slow now :)

I just received my weekly notes (it is 7pm pst) and saw that this was available starting today. So if anyone does have a faster way to imput all the info I would appreciate it.
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Nov 24, 2004
They did add a feature to the website but it is not associated with Pampered Partner info. The contact list on your PWA is of all the email addresses you
or your hosts have entered for shows set up on your website.
When you view this list, choose "all contacts" in the "view" box. All names and addresses appear.
You can click a name at random (be sure there is an email address next to it)
and then, in the "actions" box, select: "Send email to be selected" and click
"go". An email template appears and you can choose the "type" of email you'd like to send and select to view it. Check out the e-news idea - SWEET!



Thanks! for the clearing up. I have had my website for one year, but not very many of my hosts and guests use it. However, I am noticing as I go "out of my box" more people are interested in ordering online now that we have individual ordering available.


Sep 24, 2005
Emails that are spam?

Hi i posted this in another forum, but am desperate for answers-has anyone else had difficulty with hosts recieving e-mails from the site? I tested it, and sent a "host email" to myself and it went in my spam folder :mad:
Also, it is a pain that the website and pampered partner aren't able to "talk" to each other to send contact information. Someday maybe....atleast I'm new so it didn't take me that long to enter all my hosts!


Actually, when I tested my email from the website it did the same thing. Sent it to my junk folder. I think you would have to ask your hosts to make sure you are listed in their address book so it doesn't go there.


Sep 9, 2005
I love my website (sorta) but I can't seem to delete/remove any of my old shows that were posted. When I try, it said they have web orders and it cannot be removed. Well, dah! I turned in the shows a year ago along with the web orders but it still won't let me delete/remove the show. Any ideas? Just wanted to remove them from my screen.