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Pampered Chef: Top 25 selling products!???

  1. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    I know this will be different for each but as a "consensus" what would you say The Top 25 selling products are? I have a suggestion list to give to my parents who are putting together a thank you referral gift for real estate and thier client just remodeled their kitchen! TIA!

    The ones that come to my mind:

    ~Food Chopper
    ~ Garlic Press
    ~Trifle Bowl
    ~Mix and Chop
    ~apple wedgers
    ~Collapsible bowls
    ~Stoneware round or bar pan
    Jun 10, 2009
  2. shelly.nurse

    shelly.nurse Member

    What I can't live without in my kitchen:

    1. large bar pan (if you can only afford one, this is it, you can do pizza plus so much more
    2. stainless whisk
    3. classic batter bowl
    4. kitchen spritzer
    5. bamboo spoons
    6. bamboo tongs (both large and small)
    7. salad spinner
    8. all purpose measuring cups
    9. oven pad and oven mitt
    10. scrapers of any size

    These and the things you mentioned are the ones I list at my shows that I would not live without!! I call it my "top ten list", which changes all the time as I discover new PC products.

    My DCB is on a truck for delivery as we speak, so I may have to tweak my list a little to see how I like it!!
    Jun 10, 2009
  3. I have to definitely agree with Shelly, on the large bar pan! I use that thing every single day. Other than that my next can't do withouts are:

    2. DCB...omg..a MUST HAVE!
    3. 12" Skillet
    4. Knives (my big set and the quickut)
    5. garlic press
    6. small serving spatula (my DH's favorite PC product!)
    7. Bamboo Salt and Pepper Grinders
    8. Chopper (should actually be higher on my list)
    9. Southwester Seasoning (I have to order more at least 2x a month)
    10. Bamboo Spoons (Love, love, LOOOOOVE 'em)

    I also need to add the Pineapple Wedger to the list. I "test drove" it for my DS's birthday party. I'm hooked!

  4. chefsteph07

    chefsteph07 Legacy Member

    1 DCB
    2 classic batter bowl
    3 scrapers
    4 food chopper
    5 bamboo spoons
    6 egg slicer
    7 forged knife, either santoku or utility
    8 cutting board
    9 cookware
    10 garlic press

    I could list about 50 more things but this is a start
    Jun 10, 2009
  5. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    keep em comin! :)
    Jun 10, 2009
  6. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    Most of the items in the kit were selected because they're top-selling products, either overall or in their product category.
    Jun 10, 2009
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