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Suggestions - help!


Gold Member
Feb 20, 2006
I didn't realize when I signed up that to get the free executive pan that I would need $1250 in sales by the end of March. I thought I had until the end of SS 1 which is April. I had one show last week that will wind up about $700 in sales. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can come up with $600 in sales between now and Friday the 31st? My next party is April 3rd. I really need that pan to do demos.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Wendy--The best suggestion I have is to call everyone you know especially those who begged off having a party for you right now. Invite them to help you by placing an order this week. Of your list of 100 if only 6 booked parties for right now you still have 94 others that may place an order.

GOOD LUCK, honey! Also, if you do not reach your goal you can order the pan at 40% off for kit enhancement next month.
Feb 14, 2006
Hi Wendy, I am in the same boat. Makes me wish I had waited to sign until the beginning of March so I could have more time to get the SA piece they are offering. :( I know for a fact that I wont get the pan and I'm bummed, but I'm trying to keep my head up and work toward my bonuses. I wish you luck and hope you get it!

Feb 25, 2006
you can also get the pan if you get 4 orders in, even if it's less than $1250. Catalog shows COUNT. If you have the web site, I'd send invites to everyone you know ALL over the place and have them order under you as host. That way you get what you need. Good luck.


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Feb 15, 2006
$1000 challenge

Of course you might not have time to do this but....
Last year I was trying to meet a sales incentive. I made up some postcards that said I was having a '$1000 in 24 hours' challenge. I stated I was trying to earn new products and needed their help! I asked if they could help, to call on a certain day to place an order. I had incentives like, free season's best for $25 or $50 order, another free gift if they called between a certain time slot, etc...can't remember exactly what my incentives were. I don't think I quite made the 1000, but I think it was 700 or 800. The whole 1000 thing gets the customers excited, then they want to help & want to know later if you met your goal!
Remember, it's not over till it's over, you just have to try:)

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Remember too even if you are not able to get the pan this month the panarama incentive is going til the end of May. You can earn the pan by selling cookware at your shows!