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Customers can't order Executive until March 1, right?

Chef Laurie

Aug 19, 2005
I had a show last night where I demoed the ice cubes in my new Executive saute pan. Most of the guests were new to Pampered Chef, and they were so impressed with the pans that just about everyone wanted one. I felt really bad that I had to tell them to wait till March 1. They couldn't figure out why they could touch and feel mine yet they have to wait til March to get their own (except if they host a show). Just wanted to make sure I'm not telling them the wrong thing.

I'm pumped about the excitement over the cookware. The show was annoyingly small (I travelled 2 1/2 hours for it), but I realized yesterday that success isn't only in the sales. I was able to get some people really excited about our things, so they are definitely repeat customers. And--one of the men there who was impressed with the cookware used to sell pots and pans himself. That speaks well for us!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
You are correct that guests can't purchase the Executive cookware until March 1st. BUT, encourage them to have shows and they could purchase them, get them for free or get them for half price! Even catalog shows count with this, so if you're not up to driving another 2 1/2 hours, suggest this to them. Or you can take "preorders" for the Executive cookware. You're not able to place their order until March 1st, but if you get enough orders, you can count is as your own show. Or even make it a mystery host show. Now, they would have to pay shipping again in March, unless you worked something out with them. Personally, I would maybe say if they have a $50 or more order, I'd cover the shipping for them since they just paid it with this show. Or offer to split it with them if they have a big enough order.

That's great that you have so many intersted people!


Gold Member
Aug 11, 2005
One more thing - can a February host order the 'half priced special' from the back of the new catalogs? Ie, can she get the 7 AND 5 piece sets for half off? Using one half-off slot or two?

My Feb is full of hosts and past-hosts that want the stuff, i'm so excited!!


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
No, the host cannot get all 12 pcs of Executive Cookware as one half-price item. I doubled checked with the HO.

They can, however, use 2 have price items and get the 5 pc set and the 7 pc set using the #s on the Feb host special flyer.