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Stoneware Primer


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Stoneware Primer

Stoneware Primer

Our stones are made by several different companies. All of these companies
must manufacture our stones to meet our specifications in terms of size,
material, quality, etc. We have multiple vendors so that we can meet the
demands of our customers and consultants. Many of our stones are exclusive
due to the shape or the style (New Traditions) of the stone.

Sassafras was the original manufacturer of our stones -- up until 1996, many
of our stones said "Superstone" or "Sassafras" instead of "The Pampered
Chef". Sassafras does not currently make any of our baking stones.
Sassafras stones are sold at some kitchen stores and department stores.

Many of the other baking stones sold in stores are made of "kiln brick"
rather than clay. Kiln brick is very porous and will absorb oils. The oil
absorbed can burn or smoke when used in the future. As such, stones made of
kiln brick should be used only for non greasy baking, such as pizza and
bread -- certainly not cookies or crescent roll crusts. Other clay stones
sold in stores may be made in the far east and may not meet quality
standards in
terms of material (purity of clay, etc.) or manufacturing. Other
earthenware vessels (such as Romertopf) are made of materials which require
pre-soaking and are not designed for traditional baking (breads, cakes,
pizza, etc.). Others require pre-heating, which makes it difficult to
assemble a pizza, etc.

When looking at other stones, the following should be considered:

Location of Manufacture
Warranty (many have no warranty)
Suggested Uses
Recipe Support

Tracy Burton
Pampered Chef Home Office


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Apr 14, 2004
Desoaping a Stone

To desoap any stone, mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Smear it on, let it set 15 minutes and then scape it off. It will take the soap with it.

Eileen Paul