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SOOOO Excited!!


Aug 5, 2005
I'm sorry but I just have to brag a little! :p
I had my second Kitchen show on August 21st. 12 people attended, and when I left the hosts house sales were at $1020!!! I'll be closing the show tomorrow with commissionable sales at $1818!! :D :D I'm just soooo happy!

I was always a very shy person. I was hoping I could change all that If I started selling PC. After my first kitchen show I was sure that I was going to stop selling because my nerves were shot. Standing and talking in front of people just isin't my thing. After that amazing show it just gives my the motivation to keep going! :) I hope that one day, talking in front of people will be a little easier.

Thanks for listening!

Autumn Cercone
Independant Kitchen Consultant for
The Pampered Chef
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May 6, 2005
WAY TO GO!! People who have been doing this for years haven't had a show that big! That's just great. And I'm so happy that it's inspired you to keep going. I was shy too and this whole experience has really brought me more confidence and helped me come out of my shell. When I have people interested in the opportunity, but say they're too shy, I try to express exactly what you said...it can help you come out of your shell and build confidence. It can also help you discover skills and talents you didn't even know you had! I know it did for me. And I never would have known that if it weren't for me taking a leap and challenging myself to try this. I'm glad to hear that you're headed down the same path! Keep up the good work and always know there are going to be disappointing shows, but there will be shows like THIS one along the way that will outweigh the disappointing ones by a long shot. :D

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005

You are revved up, I'm sure!! Did you sign up under the Roasting Pan bonus? If so you'll be roasting baby!! Way to go!


Jul 6, 2005
Way to Go !!

Awesome !!What a great show !! The host must have been pumped to ! She got a lot of free stuff !!Hopefully she will tell all her friends how great the host rewards program is !! Maybe a few more shows will spin off of that one !!
Like Becky said a lot of us who have been doing this for a long time havent had a show that good !! Congrats to you !!! :D


Jul 24, 2005
Great job!! keep up the good work!! You are off to a great start building your bussiness and yourself!!!

Aug 31, 2005
Congratulations from across the seas. I'm on my 9th party and i've never got anywhere as near to that. In our cluster some do. But a big congratulations and keep up with the work. :) :)