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Show to Go Packing List


Aug 7, 2005
A while back, I promised someone that I would post the way I pack my three pieces. Here it is - better late than never, I guess. :) Before I start, I should warn you that I take WAY more than I should and the bags are HEAVY! I don't promise you will be able to lift them...I manage it, but that's just me. I also should tell you that I make two trips in and three trips out. My first trip I take in my laptop and dirty dish bin (filled with my paperwork tote). My second trip in I take the three Show to Go pieces. When I leave, the paperwork tote and dirty dish bin become two different trips.

Okay, here goes

Rolling Suitcase
Outside Side 1
2 cookbooks
2 hotpads
oven mitt

Outside Side 2
Patriotic heart mold
Mini-baker or Mini-oval baker or small bar pan

Front pockets
SA Large Bowl or whatever large flat stone I'm using
Small saute pan

Back pocket (by the handle)
Large grooved cutting board
Cutting board
Cooling Rack
SS Mixing lids

Interior back pocket
SA Large Square

Interior lid zipper pocket
bag of gloves, Bandaids :)
Hospitality Stand feet

Interior back panel slots (from right to left)
Serated Bread Knife
Citrus Press
Meat Tenderizer
Utility Knife

4 Rear Panel pockets
bottom left - petite squares
bottom right - prep bowl lids
top left - prep bowls
top right - Measure all filled with DCG large barrel and The Grate Container

Left front long panel pocket
Striped rectangular platter

Left Front set of pockets
bottom left - 3 colored SA small bowls
bottom right - 3 minisquares, 2 SA white small bowls
top - Striped SA medium Square

Right Front set of pockets
right rear- US&G, microplane
Right front - DCG with small barrel inserted, adjustable measuring scoop, timer

Interior Side pocket 1
Chef's Knife
Crinkle cutter
Utility Knife

Interior Side pocket 2
Baker's roller
heart towel

Middle of case
Classic Batter bowl, wrapped in towel, with Easy Read measuring cups and washcloth tucked inside OR rice cooker, depending on what I'm making
Table cloth
Recipe Binder
SA Caddy

Large Tote
Long Back Pocket
Whatever woven piece I'm taking
Colander lids
Family Skillet, if I need it

Side Pocket
Small batter bowl wrapped in towel
SS Mixing Bowls stacked on top

Middle Pocket
Door prize basket
Spice/Sugar Shaker basket
APCS on stand

Side Pocket
Chillzanne rectangular server

Piled Upside Down, over the 3 pockets
Colander set

Tool Turn Around Tote
every tool you can image, of course
Food Chopper stuck in middle, handle side down

Okay, that's it...like I said, it's heavy, but managable for me, at least. Of course, there are times when I don't take some things (APCS), but usually that's what I'm taking with me. I should probably cut it down somewhat, but I'm still new enough to think that if I bring it, they will buy it...lol.

Hope this helps...feel free to ask questions if I wasn't clear enough.

Have a great night,


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
Last night I packed EVERYTHING I needed for my show, BUT my paperwork in the TTA and CAT. I didn't earn the Rolling Case. :mad: It was a little heavy, but still manageable. I took along my crate for dirty dishes and my yaffa paperwork block. I have never been able to get into a hosts house in less then 5 trips and last night I made it in 3!! Now it only I can get my hands on a Rolling Case! :D