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Sell me on the Rockcrok


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Apr 14, 2004
Yes- I still don't own a Rockcrok. I own most of our stoneware and cookware. So what ido you love about them? Any drawbacks??? Plus if I am just getting one- which is the best?


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Mar 17, 2006
I am interested in responses, too! I own both the small and large (original 2) and don't use them nearly enough.

I am not a great fan of the DCB (I know, I know) it is just way too heavy and cumbersome for me to get into and out of the microwave. So, for recipes using the DCB, I have been using the large RockCrok instead. But, that's about it.

Deb, for the few things that I do make, I find myself always using the larger one. I have used the small one once and it was too shallow and had to monitor for boil overs in the microwave. So, I would think that the large one might get more use for you. Anything you could make in the smaller one, you can make in the larger one, but not vice versa.


Feb 20, 2015
I love all of my rockcroks, I have every size. The team I am on did a challenge where we replaced are normal cooking vessel with a rockcrok whenever we cooked. I cooked, soups, cakes, bratwurst, pasta dishes, you name it, I cooked everything except eggs in them, eggs need a frying pan :p

One of the things I love most about my rockcroks is the ease of cleaning it. I had a very busy weekend, on Friday I had a Pampered Chef show where directly after I needed to take care of my elderly grandma, I literally dropped off all my dirty dishes and left for the weekend. When I got home Monday morning, my Rockcrok that had made a s'mores cake, all covered in 3 days old dried on marshmallow and chocolate, got thrown in the dishwasher and came out beautiful.

My favorite dish to make in it is the cheesy shells and Italian sausage, guests are amazed when I take it from stovetop to microwave to the broiler all one show and one dish.

If you are only getting one make the dutch oven is the best, you can make just about everything in it, I personally like the size of the everyday pan best, I use it .... everyday :p


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Dec 6, 2005
I agree with Jasmine.

The key to the RockCrok is its versatility. I talked with someone yesterday who used hers for the first time over the weekend. She had made pulled pork in hers. She made it originally on the grill. They had lots of leftovers, so the next day she put it in the oven to warm it up for guests. On Wednesday she put it in the microwave to heat up the little bit that was left. She LOVED that she didn't have to use more dishes. And, she said she and her family were amazed at how moist everything stayed.

Once you have one, I think the key is what Jasmine mentioned--use it any time you can. Once you see how well it works you'll be hooked.