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Pampered Chef: Rock Crok Cooking Time?

  1. Hello All! We have a Rock Crok that we always bring to our party's and it usually always leads to the sale of one, but we have had some questions about cooking time and I am not sure how to answer it: "Does oven cooking time change when using the Rock Crok??"

    We usually always use it at partys to make a cake of some sort in the microwave. Being able to cook a s'mores cake in 5-8 minutes is usually the big seller to moms! It is a fast recipe that doesn't take a lot to do, but a real crowd pleaser!

    For the cooking time, I know that we can cook a chicken in the microwave(a full frozen chicken in 45 minutes!) , and we have at home with it. It turns out delicious, but we don't use it in the oven at home a lot. We are usually always on the go and usually always use it in the microwave to cut some time. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!
    Nov 22, 2014
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  2. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    Thanks for posting! I'm sorry you haven't received any responses thus far. Do you have any additional information or can you rephrase your post to make it clearer?
    Nov 26, 2014
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