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Rice Cooker Cake


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Jan 22, 2005
Has anyone tried the cake recipe that is made in the Rice Cooker? I tried it today and it was a BIG flop. :( It sounded so great but I microwaved it the full 9 minutes....let it set for 5 min...cake tester came out clean, several times...and when I turned it out on a plate, unbaked cake batter oozed all over the place!! At least half the cake was uncooked. It was terrible. This is such a great idea I want to hear from anyone that tried it and it worked!

Here is the recipe if you haven't seen it yet.

Make cake mix as directed
LIGHTLY spray rice cooker with kitchen spritzer
Pour cake into rice cooker
Scoop frosting onto TOP (some are using 2 or three scoops, some are using the whole can...depends on how ooey and gooey you want it!)
Put on lid
Microwave for 7-9 minutes (7 for newer microwave, 9 for older)

When you turn it out, it the frosting will have sunk to the bottom and will cover the cake like a glaze.


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Nov 24, 2004
There is already a post started (you'll have to do a search) about the Rice Cooker cakes and many consultant's results posted, both good and bad.


I haven't tried it yet. One tip about the cake tester, you may want to run a green scrubbing pad on it to rough it up. This will create scarring and help the cake to cling to the tester when it is not done.

I had the problem with the tester coming out clean when I first got it. I figured it may be too smooth and the batter cannot hold onto it.

I hope I helped