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Question about becoming consultant

Aug 30, 2005
I just saw that there is an incentive for becoming a consultant in August. Are there always incentives every month? I am thinking about becoming a consultant but won't be able to meet with my consultant until September. Also, I have a lot of the products in the starter kit--it is necessary that I buy them again?


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
There aren't necessarily promotions like that every month. We usually don't know in advance when they're going to offer something. And this one is one of the best I've seen! I haven't heard of the next one, but it may not be until October since the current one has the qualification requirements ending in September.

Yes, you do need to purchase the starter kit. I was in the same position when I joined....I had just hosted a $1000 show and got TONS of products so I ended up with lots of doubles. What I did was save the doubles for various host incentives, prizes for little contests I'd hold and as donations for silent auction baskets for some charities I'm involved with. And some it's just nice to have two of....like the chopper, cutting boards and batter bowls.

So you have a consultant you're working with? You mentioned not being able to meet with her until September. Do you mean to go over the paperwork and sign the agreement? It actually can ALL be done online as well at www.pamperedchef.com. You just need your recruiters name and consultant number and you can do the same exact thing online. And actually that is much faster than mailing the paperwork in.

Congrats on considering the opportunity!! That's so exciting. You will love it and you'll have the chance to earn all kinds of free stuff. Good luck to you! Feel free to post any and all questions you have here! There's always someone here who can answer your questions!! :D


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Oct 5, 2004
Remember also, Jen, that during your first three months of business you are eligible for the Super Starter Bonus packs - some great little incentives on their own, as they include several brand new products!!

Once I realized that I would be with PC for the long haul (5 years this December!), I knew that I would want some duplicates of products so I wasn't constantly having to fish things out of my cabinets to go to a show. You may find that having the backups will be useful to you, especially during the busy fall season!

Best of luck and please let us know if we can help!