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Pull-apart bread was big hit!


Legend Member
Feb 15, 2006
I just had to share-last night I made the pull apart bread in the small saute pan. I made it with Italian seasoning, Parmesan cheese, garlic, & butter. Everyone absolutely LOVED it! They were all 'veteran' PC guests, and one said it was the best thing she'd ever had at a show:D Nice to hear from something so simple! Just had to share!

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
vary the recipe

I love the pull apart bread, I think my family is tired of it....:D but I have done the apple cinnamon, the garlic, and today pineapple and cherries.....
I'm just putting anything in there and seeing how it floats....LOL....

If anyone has any other variations, i'd love to hear them, I'm using the 8" saute pan to them and i figure this is an AWESOME quick demo that could be done in conjunction with another recipe at a show, and I have to admit, I'm in AWE of the Executive cookware and putting it in the oven and clean up...hmmm.....

Thanks.....can't wait to hear more.....:p


Novice Member
Mar 5, 2006
Could you please post the recipe for the Pull Apart bread?? It sounds so yummy! :)


Sep 5, 2005
I think this is what you're looking for

The pull-apart biscuits (aka saute pan biscuits, monkey bread, etc.) are delicious! I am going to make them as a 2nd recipe for my shows - if it's savory the garlic bites, if it's sweet the cinnamon bites. The 8" saute pan is great and it cleans up so easily.

Look under files for "Saute Pan Biscuits". I can't remember how to link it here. I collected several recipes and put them in one file. I think I only have one more version to try.

All the best, Linda


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
have you doubled it in the 10" skillet? how long do you cook it? I know I've seen that someone has doubled it, and cooked it longer...

How many would you say the 8" will serve? My family of four can clean it right up! But at a show?? How much would you say it serves?


Future Director
Silver Member
Feb 20, 2006
I saw this post Sunday morning before a afternoon show that day. I decided to try it at the show and you were right "they loved it". It was so easy and delicious. Great way to sell a $38 pan.


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
Doubled Pull Apart Recipe

I doubled the pull apart recipe and cooked it for 7 or 8 minutes longer at 375. It is harder to get it cooked in the middle without burning the edges. I ended up just taking it out and feeding everyone and then putting the middle back in for 5 mins or so. It was a huge hit with everyone at my show too and it is SO easy that they might actually make it at home! I am going to make it at every show!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska