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Promoting Pampered Chef Website

Jan 13, 2005
Any advice on promoting our websites. Or on how to get the hosts to use it. I've had mine for a year, actually just renewed it. I've only had a couple hosts use it to evite guests.

I have enclosed it as part of my signature on my e-mails, mention it in my newsletter, and tell my hosts about it. I have had a few hosts mention they would use it if they could pull names out of their e-mail address book but don't want to have to type all the addresses in.

In a previous thread some of you have mentioned enclosing a flyer in the host packet. Could you share? You can e-mail me directly if you would like at [email protected]

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Jenn Simmons
Cropseyville, NY
[email protected]


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Mar 29, 2005
Website flyer

Hey everyone! I actually got this flyer from an awesome and helpful consultant name Sherri! :) I changed the pictures to reflect my website name! Hope this helps! :cool:


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