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Please help with my website!!!!




I signed up for and set up my personal website a few nights ago. I went through the process exactly right (I think!) but for some reason the pics aren't coming up on the website. I just picked the pics they had available by clicking the "update" button under them. Should I call for tech support? Any suggestions? If you want to see it, it's the usual website address with norasimmons at the end.

Nora :confused:
Feb 18, 2005
I just went to your website and everything appeared to come up fine.

Have you added a host yet? If so has anyone been able to order from her show? I have not been able to do that with the show I added.


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Your website looks nice. I saw the picture on the front page with the baskets. I did not see any other pictures on the other pages (except for the May special). Did you insert any other pictures? If not, then it is fine. If so, then there is a problem.

I found I have to view my website from Internet Explorer (not Mozilla Firefox which is a safer way to view without popups). If I try to edit it from Mozilla, I can't see the pictures (even when they are there).

If you want to insert a picture, click on Update Image. You can browse through images that you have saved on your computer OR you can use the pictures below. Choose the one you want and choose select. WAIT...you're not done yet! You must click on APPLY at the bottom of the page in order for the changes to take effect.


I DO use mozilla firefox! That explains it...sort of. I did try to insert pics on all the pages, just the way you said to. I'll try again. Thanks so much for looking. I looked at your website, too, and it's great! Do you mind if I take some ideas from it? Specifically, your online ordering instructions.