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Pampered Chef Christmas Story

Aug 27, 2004
I made up this poem today that I'm going to post at various stores,etc. along with a comparison of working a retail job vs. working Pampered Chef. I thought I'd share it-feel free to use it if you like.



Christmas will be here before you know it,
So don’t delay!
Become a Pampered Chef Consultant,
Right away.

You will get your starter kit
And you will see
That you’ll be able to put presents
Under your Christmas tree.

You’ll have a flexible schedule
So you can work when you can.
Your kids will love you for it,
They will be your biggest fans.

If after 6 shows you decide
This isn’t for you,
You can keep the products
And you’ll have made money, too!

This is a win-win situation
As you can see,
You can get started
For a $100 fee.

It’s much better than retail
As shown above
The products you’ll like,
The money you’ll love!

So don’t delay
You’ll want to act right now.
Just give me a call
And I’ll show you how.