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Pampered Chef bag as Diaper Bag


Novice Member
Jul 28, 2005
Hi Everyone. I wanted to make my trips out w/ my one year old productive... Which PC Bag would be best to use as a diaper bag?? I currently have the briefcase and I think that would work well considering it has different pockets and stuff. But, does any other bag have different pockets and everything?? Please help!!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I use the one I got from conference last year, which had the "window" on the side so you can put catalogs. It's always a good attention-grabber. Now you can order one on paperwork/supply and supposedly it has a zipper at the top...even better! Mine doesn't have a zipper. That's the one I recommend getting. I use it for everything, but witha 3 1/2 year old and a 12 month old, it's always got kids stuff in it, diapers, wipes, etc!! :)


Aug 7, 2005
I use the one you can order from the supply paperwork. I like that it has an inside zippered compartment for small items. I also like the zipper on the top, although it does not zip totally closed (that's why you need to put the really small items in the inside zippered pocket. If you are like me, you're purse/diaper bag gets turned upside down a lot during the day as you shuffle through all your activities...lol). I keep several catalogs in the clear pocket window. I also make a point of keeping my palm pilot (datebook) with me whenever I go out. It hasn't actually resulted in any bookings yet, but it has sparked some conversations...and it DOES carry everything I need...not bad for 15 dollars :)