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Director Our products for Newer Parents


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Apr 14, 2004
Got this in an email from my director...

BABIES, BABIES, BABIES…did you know our products are PERFECT for new/old parents everywhere!!
This is great information to help you promote your business with mom’s groups, day care centers, etc.
Adjustable Scoop: for measuring formula
Batter Bowl, Quick Stir Pitcher, Mini Whipper: for mixing formula
Pocket Thermometer: check the temperature in bottles or in baby’s bath water
Skinny Scraper: perfect for getting every last drop out of baby food jars!
Twixit! Clips: great for closing breast milk pump bags, sealing bags of cereal, making an impromptu bib with a restaurant napkin!
Baker’s Roller: highly recommended for labor pain massage or baby massage later!
Tool Turn About: organize baby’s diaper changing and bath supplies – add a strip of wallpaper border to the base to coordinate with baby’s room!
Flour/Sugar Shaker: for cornstarch instead of baby powder
Suds Pump: for a quick hand wash between diaper changes, washing little ones’ faces, fun in the bath as baby gets older!
Clock/Timer: set to time nursing on each breast, to help you wake up for nighttime feedings, for Time Outs for older children, for sharing toys – switch when the beeper goes off, for a potty training reminder.
It’s Good For You cookbook – helps you get back into your old wardrobe, while cooking healthy food for your family, and 29 Minutes to Dinner, Vol 1&2! – GREAT recipes to help busy moms get dinner ready fast and easily!
Food Chopper, Rotary Grater, and Garlic Press: make your own baby food from table food! Pasta, cooked carrots, etc. YOU control how fine you want it for your baby… Later, you can “hide” healthy food by chopping or grating it finely so no one will even know it’s there in the muffins or meatloaf!
Pizza Cutter: quickly cut young children’s food into bite-size pieces, then eat yours while it‘s still warm. Great for pancakes, French toast, waffles, spaghetti, fruit, anything at all!
Cut ‘N Seal: make pocket sandwiches and remove the crust at the same time (freeze those crusts for stuffing, breakfast casseroles, feeding the ducks, etc.) Make full circle sandwiches with 2 slices of bread or dough (“flying saucer sandwiches” that contain PB&J, taco meat & cheese, etc.). Make semi-circles (“Peanut Butter Moons”) by putting filling on one slice of bread, fold diagonally, cut away the crust and seal!
My Safe Cutter: kid-friendly cutter, rounded point, just sharp enough for apples, cheese, pancakes.
Crinkle Cutter: make “wavy” bread with no crust and fancy veggies and fruits that add fun to snack and mealtime. For preschoolers, cut apples into “fries”, and serve a healthy dip of peanut butter and apple juice.
Mini Muffin Pan & Mini Tart Shaper: kids love treats that are their size – easy to hold and perfect for smaller appetites. Little jello servings, muffins and cupcakes for them, terrific appetizers for you when entertaining!
Creative Cutters Set: make lunchtime fun while learning about shapes. Cut cheeses, fruits, even veggies and sandwich bites to add the eye appeal for fussy eaters!
Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer: preschoolers love to help use this one, watching the peel come off and seeing the apple “slinky” that’s made. Get perfect finger food portions of apples – rings or slices - when you cut down to separate the spiral or slinky. Use with our Nylon Masher to make your own fresh applesauce or mashed potatoes. Also, place an apple ring on the Griddle, sprinkle with cinnamon, and then pour pancake batter over to create Apple Cinnamon Pancakes for a special breakfast!
Apple Wedger– Helps to create bite-sized, seedless portions to help keep the doctor away.
Bamboo Tongs– Works great to remove toast from the toaster or nipples/bottles from boiling water
Rotary Grater - For the picky eater: grate veggies into their meatloaf or muffins! They will never know it's there!
Easy Opener – an excellent tool to help open stubborn baby food jars
Egg Slicer - Quick and easy way to slice bananas and strawberries!
Kitchen Spritzer - When loaded with a weak bleach solution is wonderful for cleaning/sanitizing diaper table, surfaces, and diaper pails! (Buy two, one for the kitchen, and one for the bleach!)
Smooth Edge Can Opener - to protect the little fingers from sharp edges!