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Newbie paper tiger question



All right you guys... I am pretty new at this (January was SS#1) and I am finding that as my business picks up, the amount of paper wrangling is getting a little out of control. How do you guys manage it all? I have been feeling overwhelmed by putting together so many host packets and the folders for the shows and dealing with the receipts, etc. etc. I know this is a side effect of having more shows, which is great, but I am starting to wonder if there is an easier way to handle it all.

Tonight, I went to the office supply and made a bunch of May OOF and Host and guest specials... I came and set up an assembly line and put together 8 May host packets. And then, in the end, realized I had forgotten to copy my recipe sheet... argh! Now I'll just have to print it off on my computer and stuff it into the envelopes.

Tell me the magic, you guys. My house is feeling like it is swimming in paper.

Oh, on an upbeat note: I was at the Salvation Army thrift store yesterday and found a brand new leather Samsonite laptop brief case for $10! I snapped it up and think it will make toting my office stuff easier. The catalogs and paper work fit beautifully where the laptop would go and there is plenty of room for host packets and my Franklin planner in the other pockets. So at least now when I go to the shows my stuff will not be floating around in a big tote bag. The only down side is it weighs more. I told my husband that I'll be all set when I get the computer, LOL!



Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
First, you know that mastering the art of "paper wrangling" is something that takes many of us many years to master right? ;)

Secondly, I keep all of my regular use papers (stuff for host packets, recruiting, guest packets) in a file cabinet in folders even though it's still not as organized as I would like! Then I keep all of my catalogs and receipts in a stack in a closet that I have dedicated to PC. I also keep extra products, samples and extra bags in the closet. I make sure to stamp all of my receipts and catalogs when I receive them so that I don't accidentally give one out without info on it.

When it comes time to do a show or host packets I get the number of items I need (say I am doing 15 lap boards for a show) for each item and make an assembly line to put together the packets.

I don't know if this has helped or not but good luck with your "wrangling"!