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New Recruit moving

Jun 12, 2005
I have a new recruit (she just signed yesterday) who is moving to VA on Nov. 5th. I was just wondering how everyone else deals with a long distance recruit. I'd appreciate any insight or tips you have to offer! Thanks! :p
Sep 6, 2005
The person who recruited me lives about two hours away from me. I can't really attend her cluster meetings (although I have gone to a few) but she just sends an email out after each meeting detailing what went on and she's always available to me via phone or email. It works out fine. I've always pretty much been on my own with this business and really only rely on her a little bit. She has always been great about getting back with me right away (which is a big deal to me since I tend to be somewhat impatient)!
Oct 13, 2005
I am a recruit who is far away. My Director is in Iowa and I am in GA. There is no problem at all. If she needs to attend meetings you can ask Home Office for a Hospitality connection and find a Director near her new home where she can attend meetings. I am just working on becoming a Director as fast as I can so I can have my own group here in GA! :)