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New consultant needs help



Hi all. I am officially signing my agreement tomorrow but an organization I belong to has had 2 PC fundraisers in the past. The first time they got a check from HO but the second time they got a "better check" from the consultant directly and would obviously prefer to do it the second way. Just wondering since I'm new what is the "second way" for me to write the check myself. They would like to do the fundraiser in October when then normally do it which is great for me because I need the shows for SS1. Please help and is this a "legal" way to do a fundraiser? I know that I can donate part of my comission on top of the HO portion but did she just donate more the second time or what?

Thanks in advance.


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May 6, 2005
I know there are some consultants out there who do their own fundraisers in a different way. I'm not too familiar with it. Other than what I've read here. As far as it being "legal" I have no idea really. I know some consultants kick in their own percentage of sales and end up donating their commission, so maybe that's what the 2nd fundraiser was like. I know some out there do a pretty confusing-sounding (at least to me) way of doing Bingo. Maybe do a search of this site and see what pops up under "fundraisers" or "bingo." Good luck!


Mar 27, 2005
Different in UK

Now this might be different in the UK but..... as a F/R is only 10% contribution if the show is under £400 and 15% if over (plus commission is 15% for a F/R and 20% for a KS). I know consultants who have put F/R's with low sales through as a home Kitchen Show and taken the host gifts themselves either to sell or to enhance their kit, and given the charity a personal cheque. Could this be what the second consultant did?


Sep 24, 2005
Legal Fundraiser $$$

According to my director, who states she heard this from home office, what you can do is collect all the orders, and for the ones that paid by cash or check, enter those orders as the free host product, and that way you, the consultant is left with about 24% (depending on sales) of the show total, that you then make that donation yourself. My director states that home office told her to do this and that it is legal. :rolleyes:
Hope this helps