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Need some advice


Jul 6, 2005
ok here it goes. I have been with Pc for a little over a year now , I have signed two recruits , one never qualified , kit napper. The other I signed about a month ago ,it was a friend she had thought of joining before but wanted to be sure . I told her take your time I will be here when ever you are ready if you decide to do it. So two months later she has a show for me her second show with me, used her kit credit and signed. We had new consultant training with her she had four shows booked ready to roll. Well now all of her shows cancelled on her. September was her SS1 , she has submitted nothing. I asked her if she wanted to change her SS1 to October , she said no I will be fine. Then she goes nad takes another job somewhere else, and is avoiding me. I have called her 3 times in the past two weeks so I dont think that is unreasonable. Iam taking it that she doesnt want to do PC.
So i guess I just let her be? It is so frustrating. what do you all do when this happens? :(


Jul 12, 2005
I've been there~ I've recruited two kit-nappers, that never turned in a single show! The first one, she came to training, came to a meeting, and I knew that the money was an issue, so I paid for her kit. She had her shows lined up and everything. When she got the kit, she never paid me for it! And, she never held a single show! I tried calling, but she disconnected her number, and now she lives out of town. BIG lesson learned there!!!!

The second was/is actually a pretty good friend of mine! She was so interested, but never held a single show! She never gave me a reason, and our friendship is more important than her being a consultant, so I never pushed it. I was just disappointed because I know she would have done so well.

I have found with recruiting it's a two step forward, one step back deal. Sign two, one goes inactive, sign two, one goes inactive...I can't seem to get to my goal that way :) I found that I was looking for my next big star, instead of looking for my LEADS. When I changed that thinking, I've found that I'm stumbling across people who really want this, and will do great because of their internal motivation. You can't motivate people to do this job, you can just inspire them to become motivated. I've stopped "talking people into it", and instead listened to why they need it, and go from there. If they don't want to, I don't push. If they can't find a positive, I can't make one. People have to want to do this for themselves...otherwise, you will be wasting your time trying to 'give' them motivation. I just can't be done.

So, Danielle, just walk away. If she turns to you for advice, be there. If she turns her back to you, no harm, no foul. You just have to let it roll off your back, and keep your eyes open for the next lead.


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May 6, 2005
I agree.....there's not a whole lot you can do if you've already provided support and guidance and whatever else she's requested from you (if anything). It's frustrating when you put time and effort into something and someone just doesn't have the same amount of motivation and dedication as you. Obviously some people's goals are different than yours. Just like some REALLY probable recruits don't end up signing when you think FOR SURE they would (and even going so far as spending some of your own money so they can get started-I once got someone started with a couple packets for a couple catalog shows so she could get a head start because she was so excited...well she didn't end up signing), just drop it for now unless she shows some renewed interest. No use wasting your precious time...move on to the next one or focus your time somewhere else in your business.

Sorry that this is happening to you! I know it's frustrating. Good luck in the future!!


Jul 6, 2005
Thank you

it makes me feel better to hear others have had people sign and do nothing. It is just unreal 4 shows who cant find four shows Ughh ! Then I am afraid if this keeps happening PC will raise the price of the joining fee. Ughh. Iam going to forget about this whole thing, and move on ! Thank you !


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Oct 11, 2005
Its such a shame when people just aren't up front with you. I'd rather osmeone say, :Look, Anne.. I've just reconsidered". It would be so much easier than wondering. This is what I would do: Drop her a postcard in the mail saying "Sorry I keep missing you. I have a couple of shows for you if you want to do them! Call me and #". If she doesn't call--there's the answer. If she does call, I would hand over a lead or two of mine to help her out. For the few cents it costs to send a postcard, its worth knowing.

I just try to be cautiously optimistic.