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Need quick and easy dip recipes

Apr 24, 2005
I am doing my first show on Friday. The hostess wants to do a dessert show. Now she told me she wants to have some chips and dip to have with the dessert. Do any of you have a quick and easy dip recipe I can make ahead of time? I want to keep it simple, since we will be having 3 desserts!
Thanks :)


Are you making ALL the desserts at the show or before hand? In order to make it simple, do not over do or your guests will get bored and not want to order as much stuff cause they will be ready to leave. As for the dips, do you have the Farmers Market Seasoning Set? You could make a dip from it or if you go to Consultants corner and go to recipes and type in dips you can get some ideas there too. Good luck on your first show!!


Apr 22, 2005
Use your spices

I had a dinner party at my house on Monday and dinner was not going to be ready the time I had suggested it would be ready. I ran to the store quick and picked up some cheese bread from my local grocery store bakery dept. and I made southwestern dip with the southwestern seasoning mix. It was a big hit. I also used the simple additions pieces to display. You can suggest for her to get tortilla chips for that dip. I also know that some of the other spices also have dip recipes on them. Just remember they must chill. The directions say chill for 1 hour. I only chilled mine for about 20 minutes and it was just as good.

Good luck,

Apr 11, 2005
I love the southwestern seasoning dip and the cool & creamy chocolate fondue dip with the chocolate drizzled cinnamon chips.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
New Rubs

If you received the mid-season products you could make a cheese ball and roll the ball in the New Rubs. Have you guys tried the rubs yet? OHMYGOSH they are sooo good! I was surprised. I shouldn't have been because all of our stuff is so great, but these exceeded my expectations.

I must digress here for a bit...For a grillin' show use the Professional Grill Pan and the burner (you can buy one at Wal-Mart for $8) so that you can show it cooking at your demo table. Use regular mayo, slather it on your meat (chicken, steak, pork chops, fish, whatever) then sprinkle the rubs on the meat. When heated the fat in the mayo acts as your butter or olive oil eliminating the need for additional fats. The mayo also gives the rub something to cling to and seals in the meat to keep it nice and juicy while cooking!

We did this at my cluster meeting on Monday and I am SOLD!! I had been hesitant about doing a grilling show because I am in AZ (can you say 115 degrees) and I do not want to be standing in front of nobody's grill! We sampled all of the rubs and talked about what to add to increase the demo total. If the host buys a simple bag salad and carrots and cucumbers and whatever salad toppings she wants you could show all of the knives, the US&G, Chopper, Prep Bowls, Pastry brush, Stainless Steel bowls..the possibilities are endless!

Sorry to go on for so long. I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question adequately enough, but I hope I helped someone. When I started I did the 3 Cheese Walnut Spread...UMMMM delicioso!!


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Mar 29, 2005
Classic Dill Dip

I make the veggie dip and it goes over very well! The ingredients are:1 cup mayonnaise,1 cup sour cream, 3 tablespoons Pantry All-Purpose Dill Mix; combine all ingredients and chill for one hour! Enjoy! :D
Apr 24, 2005
Thanks for all the dip ideas :) I am going to have 2 desserts made before the guests arrive, and just show how to do one.
I am going to have 2 different dips with chips or veggies. I have the southwest seasoning, but none of the others yet - I guess they will all be on my next order :D I am going to have to try the rubs too, sounds yummy!