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My First Show

Nov 2, 2004
I am having my first Kitchen Show tonight and would like a list of all the paperwork that I should take. I don't want to forget anything.

Thank you,


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Apr 14, 2004
Good luck on your first show tonite! I would suggest you check with your director. We all work things differently in our businesses and she or he might want you to take specific paperwork according to how you were trained.


I'm having my 1st show & I'm the host & consultant

I'm nervous and confused. If anyone has any ideas or has done this before I need your help. kathieb


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Feb 3, 2005
Just sent you an email asking what your question was and then I read the title....should have read that first.

Have you decided what to make for your open house? Who is your director? Tell her that she needs to host coach you just as if you were the host (ok...well you are, but assuming you are not the consultant). Have her tell you what recipes to make (just like you are the host) and give you those reminder calls. Is your director/recruiter going to be at your first show?

One thing I remember finding helpful was to PRACTICE what I was going to say outloud when I was cooking or in the car or shower...wherever! It really helped me feel prepared.

RELAX...have FUN! People are not going to judge you...they are there to support you.

If you have a specific concern...post it and we will try to help.


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Jan 21, 2005
host and consult that first show

I was the host for my first show too and even though I had been host many times before and had great shows I hadn't done one in a couple years and it was my first as consultant! :eek:


Practice the recipe at least once before the party and even practice saying the words.

Make note cards and read them. Tell your guests that this is your first show and you are so excited to start your business but you are also nervous. They will help you! They are probably people who are close to you so tell them that the best way to help you is to let you practice all the words so you'll be more comfortable in front of strangers.

Have someone play the role of host for you. Give her a door prize or discount for helping you answer the door for late comers, putting the recipe in the oven if you're not in the kitchen...

Get rid of hubby and kids. You don't need their distraction at that first show. (I mean have them go out for pizza or something that evening - you do want them back!! ;) )

Ask everyone if they'll book a show for you so you can get a solid start.

Have fun! You picked a great company and superior product line to represent be proud and enjoy!

PS; I also say a prayer!
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