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Pampered Chef: Mix 'N Scraper

  1. Jenn'sKitchen

    Jenn'sKitchen Novice Member Gold Member

    I had a customer say that her Mix 'N Scraper stain. I don't have many more details but what could I tell her to do. She didn't purchase it from me but I would like to give her a suggestion. Any thoughts? :confused:
    Feb 18, 2006
  2. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Legend Member Gold Member

    A few suggestions...

    ~She can run it through the dishwasher
    ~She can soak it in water with a little bleach
    ~She can put it in a dark place, like in a paper bag and in a cupboard (I don't
    know why this works, but it does)

    I have had mine look like they are going to stain, but then once they have gone through the dishwasher, they are fine!

    Kelly :rolleyes:
    Feb 18, 2006
  3. Marg

    Marg Advanced Member

    She can make a paste out of a little bit of Dishwasher detergent (like Cascade or something) and smear it on the scrapper and let it sit for a while - then run it through the dishwasher. This has worked for me in the past. :)
    Feb 18, 2006
  4. jjgrands1

    jjgrands1 Novice Member

    Mix n Scraper problem

    I am a new consultant and have had my mix n scraper for about two months. I noticed tonight that it has little cuts in the side of it. I do not remember seeing this when I last washed it. (PS, I also hand wash all my PC stuff, and I very rarely use my dishwasher) Has anyone else had problems like this? I'm worried, as I have already had to request a new egg slicer plus and two of the new stainless bowls be replaced because of problems. I really didn't expect this from PC products. Your response would be appreciated. Thanks, Jacque :eek:
    Feb 18, 2006
  5. I Have the Tools

    I Have the Tools Member

    Did you use it to scrape out the inside of a can, not opened with our can opener?
    I have an old scraper, before the can opener came out, and it has nicks along the side of it.

  6. jjgrands1

    jjgrands1 Novice Member

    mix and scraper problem

    Kris, I haven't used it to scrape out any cans. I only have used it in my classic batter bowl. That's why I am at odds to why the little nicks are in the side of the scraper.
    Feb 19, 2006
  7. Brenda K.

    Brenda K. Member Gold Member


    I would send it back. I had that happen to mine over a year ago and they had no problem replacing it. That is why Pampered Chef is so good, they have guarantees. We have to figure that for as much Pampered Chef products are made, there are probably bound to be some that are defective. Don't worry about sending things back, that is good customer service on your part. :) Brenda
    Mar 4, 2006
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