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Microwave a soda cake


Mar 6, 2006
Has anyone ever tried to microwave the soda cake? What did you cook it in? Ricecooker? Fluted Stone?
Mar 20, 2006
i actually made it yesterday in the fluted stone with a chocolate fudge cake and a diet dr pepper berries and cream. It came out so moist it's unbelieveable. The cake doesn't rise as much as the regular recipe will but it is great:) I'm going to make it for the WW group I'm hosting a show for Tuesday. Cut into 12 slices the piece only has 3 points,so at a show when we are cutting smaller portions we talkin about maybe a1 1/2 points for yummy chocolate


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Feb 14, 2005
I made this recipe last week for a friend on WW. I used a devils food cake mix and 12oz can of diet coke. That's it!! It really is a yummy moist cake. I made it in my spring form pan . Also, I do not drink diet soda, I'd rather have water, but you could not taste the diet soda in it. I want to make the vanilla cake with a orange soda. I hear that one is really good.


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May 18, 2005
Another thread...

There's another thread, "Soda in a Cake", that has ideas, too. I posted a recipe for a cake I tried last night that worked out really well. I didn't microwave it, though, as I made it in the skillet.

Good luck!