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HWC @ Walmart


Mar 27, 2006
I was wondering how the HWC table setup at Walmart went? I know a few people were setting up a table at Walmart with HWC items. Was it worthwhile?


I had some success in the past

I did HWC fundraisers at Walmart for 2 years in a row when I lived in SC. I had pretty much the same success as I have at fairs. I received a lot of donation money, but I also got some show leads and sales, so I think it was worth it. I did get a few people that were skeptical, but I had PC's HWC press flyer and I also had some things to pass out from the American Cancer Society. I say go for it - If the manager of your local Walmart approves it!:D


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Dec 1, 2005
I'm glad to hear someone had success at Walmart! I have never done it, but the cubscouts seem to swear by it!! I can't get into Walmart without someone asking me to send them to camp!
May 11, 2006
How do you get into doing HWC at Walmart? I attempted to do it this past May at my local WalMart and they told me all of this paperwork that I had to submit. I even called home office to ask them about the papers I needed and they had no clue. WalMart wanted things like a letter from the American Cancer Society linking our partnership and the non-profit number and other things.
Mar 2, 2006
I posted the ACS id number a while back, In may we had this thread going about it. If you call the ACS, they will give it to you. You HAVE to have that number if you are doing a fundraiser (in public) b/c someone may ask to see it. My walmart was great about it,.. we didn't do very good though, but hey, I got some donations and you can print off a donation for from the ACS website.


Aug 11, 2006
Okay I know this is going to sound real dum but what is HWC? I would love to get into this I have a Walmart near me. I also been trying to get with the ACS too. Please Help !


Jul 12, 2005
HWC = Help Whip Cancer. This is a big campaign that Pampered Chef does in May with Pink Products, and $1 dollar from the sale of each Pink Product goes to the American Cancer Society.