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How long does it take to receive commission from a wedding registry?


Veteran Member
Jan 13, 2006
And when do the sales count as our Commission? I can't seem to find these answers on the PC Website.



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Gold Member
Mar 12, 2006
A Wedding Registry purchase is counted in the month in which it happens. For example, if someone were to purchase something tomorrow, it would show up as a Wedding Registry order as soon as possible - you know how long it usually takes to show up after you have submitted a show. Now, since we are still in the first half of May, it would show up on your Mid-May Commission statement.

Does that make sense?


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Jan 17, 2006
Commission for registry

Well that depends on the dates of the purchases. Let's say that guests order from the registry April 15-30th. Then you would expect to get commission for that on the eighth of the next month. Kind of how our shows are submitted.
If they order May 1st - 15th you can expect to get your commission for mid month on the 22nd.

Make sense?

These orders will be like individual orders and will be counted for the month and dates in which they are ordered.

Hope this helps.