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How do you make pressed cookies stick to parchment paper?



I don't use parchment with pressed cookies. They should be just fine on the stoneware. What recipe are you using?

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
Baking secrets for pressed cookies

I have been baking for decades, and I found that the most important thing with pressed cookies is to follow the recipe to the letter. For instance, if the recipe calls for sifted flour, make sure you do sift it. Use the right kind of flour. Do not use cake flour if the recipe calls for regular flour. If the recipe calls for butter, do not use margarine since the consistency and texture of the cookie will change. Margarine makes the dough softer. If you add chopped nuts to the batter, chop them in small pieces so they do not clog the press.

The temperature in the house can affect the dough. If the dough is too soft, the cookies ooze out. If the dough is too cold, the cookies will not come out in one piece. If you need to refrigerate the dough, the longer you leave it in the refrigerator, the stiffer the dough gets.

I always do a test cookie on a piece of wax paper before I start pressing the cookies onto the sheet to bake. Inbetween bakings, let the stone or cookie sheet cool down before baking another batch of cookies. Let the cookies cool slightly before removing them to the cooling rack.

I hope these suggestions help the people having some difficulty with pressed cookies.


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Apr 12, 2005
its_me_susan said:
Anyone know the secret to getting them to stick?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the idea of parchment paper was to create a non-stick surface with easy clean-up.


Cookie Press Twist

its_me_susan said:
Anyone know the secret to getting them to stick?
I was told by the HO that after clicking your press, keeping it flat to the parchment paper or the stone, rotate your press 1/4 turn then lift it straight up. The rotation of the press will allow the cookie to come off the press and onto your surface better. Hope this helps. I had several customers complain about this very issue. This has helped.


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Nov 17, 2005
Using parchment paper allows the cookie maker to press out several stones worth of cookies without having to have several stones. Just press the cookies onto a sheet of parchment paper and slide the parchment on/off the stone so it's ready to go for the next sheet.

I, too, fought with this issue when prepping for a cookie show. I found that the parchment needed to be anchored in order for it to retain enough surface tension to make the dough break away from the press. If the parchment wasn't achored somehow, it would just come up off the counter and the dough would be left on the press. Very frustrating.

Even after anchoring the parchment, I still had issues until I found that letting the press "rest" for a count of 5 or so increased the surface tension of the cookie to parchment enough to get the dough to break away from the press consistently. It was a slightly different rest period for every disk, too.