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Cookies for a Cause: Fundraising with the Cookie Press on Sale!

In summary, the conversation suggests using the Cookie Press, which is currently on sale, to create a fundraiser show for a chosen charity. This involves informing people about the fundraiser and encouraging them to purchase the Cookie Press or any other product to contribute to the cause. The more Cookie Presses sold, the higher the potential earnings for the show and the charity. Additionally, the Cookie Press can be used to make various treats, such as cookies and cheese straws, and even rice potatoes. Those who have previously hosted a show can also receive a discount on their purchase. The conversation also includes a recipe for easy and delicious cookie press cookies.
With the holidays approaching and with the Cookie Press on sale, why not use this double-benefit to your advantage? People always like to help a cause and this product is a fun way to start a conversation this time of the year. So create a fundraiser show featuring the Cookie Press on sale!

Here’s the idea:

· You pick your favorite charity.

· The Cookie Press is on sale for $23.20.

· Then you tell everyone you know – hosts, guests, customers, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, doctor’s office, dentist office, etc., etc. that you are doing a fundraiser show for ___ Charity.

· You will call it Cookies for a Cause!

o With the Cookie Press on sale, every person who places an order for a Cookie Press (or any catalog item) will contribute to the fundraiser.

o With just 7 Cookie Presses you have a fundraiser show!

o Let everyone know that the Cookie Press is a great product this time of the year for themselves or for a gift.

o Let everyone know what charity you are working for and how their purchase of the sale Cookie Press or any product will help Cookies for a Cause!

· Just sell 7 Cookie Presses on sale and you will have a $162.40 show. That’s a show! That qualifies for a show! That show would make you active! That show would help you earn your apron and Sell-A-Thon!

· Then you submit that show as a fundraiser and your favorite charity earns some money too. Of course the more you submit, the more your charity earns. But regardless, it’s a win-win….the charity gets some cash and you are active and have done a wonderful community service!

Now you can take it step further if you have the Cookie Press!

· Bake a simple batch of sugar or butter cookies using your Cookie Press.

· As you take these cookies to work, church, family, friends, etc, let them sample the work of the Cookie Press and share with them your goal of Cookies for a Cause.

Here are more tips to share with everyone on the Cookie Press for Cookies for a Cause!

· It’s the perfect tool to have now in time for fun Christmas cookies.

· For the Cookie Press, you can do press cookies, make cheese straws or even use it to rice potatoes.

· The twist mechanism is much better than a ratchet style – allows more control of dispensed dough.

· There are 10 metal disks (not plastic) so they are much more durable.

· Clear plastic barrel allows you to see how much dough is in the barrel.

· Raised feet allows you to see the amount of dough dispensed so you know when to stop.

· This is the only cookie press that allows for ricing too! Ricing is a method of pressing soft, cooked food through small holes to create a velvety, smooth consistency. Ricing is a common method for preparing creamy mashed potatoes – just add milk, butter, salt and pepper to the riced potatoes. Ricer disk is specifically designed to rice russet, golden, red or white potatoes only.

· If any of your friends have hosted a show within the last year, she is entitled to 10% off her order. That is also included on the sale price of the Cookie Press. That means their cost of the $29.50 cookie press is only $21.24 (because they get 10% off the 20% sale price)!!!

Have fun and press forward!!

(Idea from Robin House)
Thanks for sharing. Great Idea!
Thanks for posting this, I posted a facebook blurb about this.
Love Love Love this idea. Thank-you.
Here is a recipe that my roommate at Director Academy, Christine, shared with me. My mom made them yesterday (and she always makes cookie press cookies from her recipe) and she reported, "Amazing these worked -- and they are good!"
Enjoy this quick and easy recipe:
1 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter
1 Cup Sugar
1 Egg
Mix well. Choose your favorite design and press. Bake at 350*F 10-12 minutes. Cookies will not spread much and should not be allowed to get too brown. You can then DIP cookies in Melted Chocolate Almond Bark. They taste just like a PEANUT BUTTER CUP!

Hello there!

I absolutely love your idea of combining the holiday season and the Cookie Press sale to benefit a chosen charity. Not only is it a great way to spread holiday cheer and engage with others, but it also allows for giving back to the community. I will definitely be using this idea for my upcoming fundraiser show.

I especially appreciate the tips you have shared about the Cookie Press. It truly is a versatile and durable tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. I will definitely be highlighting these features when promoting the Cookies for a Cause fundraiser.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea and for inspiring others to give back during this holiday season. Let's press forward and make a difference!

Happy holidays!

What is "Cookies for a Cause"?

"Cookies for a Cause" is a fundraising program offered by Pampered Chef, where organizations can sell cookies made with the Pampered Chef Cookie Press to raise money for their cause.

How does the Cookie Press on Sale benefit fundraising?

The Cookie Press on Sale allows organizations to purchase the cookie press at a discounted price, increasing their profit margin for their fundraising efforts. It also allows for a consistent and efficient way to make large batches of cookies, making it easier to meet demand and increase sales.

What type of organizations can participate in "Cookies for a Cause"?

Any type of organization can participate in "Cookies for a Cause", including schools, sports teams, charities, and community groups.

Can we choose which type of cookies to make with the cookie press?

Yes, the Pampered Chef Cookie Press comes with 16 different disks, allowing for a variety of cookie shapes and sizes. You can choose which type of cookies to make, such as sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or even savory options like cheese straws.

How much money can we expect to raise with "Cookies for a Cause"?

The amount of money raised with "Cookies for a Cause" will vary depending on the number of cookies sold and the selling price. However, organizations have the potential to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this program.

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