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Host Challenge


Veteran Member
Aug 24, 2005
Hi there! I had a little idea in my head to include a flyer in my host packets with a "host challenge" something along the lines of...
Get 5 outside orders to me BEFORE I get to your house, get free seasoning
Get 2 people who cannot attend to book a show, get free coffee/tea
Beat my best show (1800!) and get a piece of stoneware of your choice or the small saute pan free!
Highest sales of the month gets a set of prep bowls FREE!

I don't know, I'm still working on it in my head...My director is always reminding us that the Pampered Chef does more than enough for hosts, and I know that's right, but I don't mind throwing in little extras, and when I can order them on a host's order...


That sounds excellent! I'm planning on doing something similar to that in June- I'm going to have an extra patriotic tablecloth so as an extra incentive for June shows, my highest show total's host will get the tablecloth. And I just started this in March, where I say, have 10 (or whatever #) or more buying guests, and get the Small Mix'n Scraper free, 3 dated bookings get microfiber towel free, and 150-200 in outside orders before the show get choice of spice free. My recruiter did something similar in December, and it seemed to help her tons! I agree that PC gives its' hosts tons already, but sometimes, you just need to give your business a boost! HTH!


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Jan 17, 2006
Host challenges!!

I agree PC does give hosts great benefits but for those hosts who seem to do a great job every time, I don't mind giving them a challenge to do even better. They know the benefits inside and out but if I include some personal challenges of my own, it helps them to have another goal to focus on.
I challenge them with this:
Have 10 outside orders before your show even starts and get a FREE $5 off your host order in addition to any FREE product. 50 cents per outside order!!

Have three bookings at your show and I will pay for your dessert ingredients.

Have a $1,000 show and get a FREE cookbook of your choice!!

Beat my highest show ($1300) and get a FREE Executive Saute pan!!

Highest in sales for the month gets a coupon for a FREE starbucks drink (I have a connection for cheap coupons on eBay) and their choice of a FREE bread knife or cheese knife!!

Things change each month on my challenges and on my guest coupons.