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Help with my first Couples Show with a Valentine's Day/Sweetheart theme



Hello all. Right now I am in SS3 and last night I just booked a show for Feb 11 as a couples valentine's/Sweethearts party.

I need ideas. The host thought it would be cool if we break into groups and do 4 recipes because she expects 20 people (YEAH FOR ME!!!). so please give suggestions on recipes and a fun game.

This will be my first couples show and of course first show with males attending.



Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
Make sure to have the host (or even you could do it) call the guests and remind them of the show. You want EVERYONE to be there, and sometimes people get caught up in life and forget.. :D
Oh, the tuxedo strawberries are awesome--I've had people asking me to make them for weddings, grad parties, New Year's parties, etc--so maybe try those. The chocolate mousse cups are pretty and a nice light dessert to finish off whatever main dish you pick. And, I don't believe they need cooked in any way. Also, four recipes might be hard, especially if you have cook them (how much oven space does she have?) I might be easier to do 2 doubled recipes, although that would make it 10 people in each group, which might be hard. Maybe pit the girls against the guys or something?