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Help with food ideas


Jun 15, 2005
Hi everyone I'm doing a party on the 19th and the person I'm doing the party for owns a catering business. She will be making a lot of food for her guest that are "non Pampered Chef" any ideas of something easy to demo and will feed a lot of people? There's going to be about 35 people at the show. Thanks


I would suggest some of the recipes that you can make in the Mini Muffin Pan. There are desserts and appetizers and you can make 24 at a time. The tuxedo brownie cups is one that comes to mind. I know there are also some quiche-type recipes in the cookbooks. You could also do a fondue like the Cool Creamy Chocolate Fondue with the fruit dippers (that will show either SAs or chillzanne server and you can cut the fruit to show the knives, crinkle cutter, etc...), or a dip like the Dill Dip. Bruschetta is awesome, but I don't know how well that would be to demo. Good luck! :D


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
How about some Savory Cheese Crostini? With most loaves of French bread, you could get 35 slices (even if you had to cut them just a tad thinner than it calls for in the recipe). And you could do a bunch of the plain cheese crostini, and then have some dips/spreads for the guests to put on themselves. (If you put the dip/spread in the Simple Additions pieces, with the crostini layed out as well, then it would look very nice and elegant--rivaling the caterer's goodies for sure!)

Also, you could demo the Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crispy Shells recipe (Celebrations) but you could prepare mini versions of them, with won-ton wrappers in the mini muffin pan. (Won-ton wrappers are available in your produce section of the grocery store.. My Walmart carries them right next to the tofu/organic/salad foods in the produce section.) If you can't get strawberries that are decent looking, you can always substitute some raspberries (sprinkle them over the top of the mousse)--everyone loves chocolate and raspberries together! YUM!

There is also a bread bowl you can make (I think maybe you just lay bread dough over the bottom of your batter bowl and bake, but I may be wrong), and you can put dip inside.. one of those edible bread bowl dip things where you rip off a piece of the bread and dip it. Baking a couple of these would showcase our seasonings (you could do one like focaccia maybe, and another dill flavored? the options are endless) and the ability to bake with the batter bowl, if that's how you make it! lol

here's the link for the chocolate mousse cups if you need it.

hmm, if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

God bless!