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Have you tried hosting a Pampered Chef Grilling Show?

In summary, Laurie Kenyon of The Pampered Chef grills up some Italian sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms in an easy-to-follow cookbook recipe, using various Pampered Chef products like the Utiliy Knife, Chef's Knife and Paring Knife. She also prepares a pizza with a variety of toppings in a Styrofoam plate using the Dixie plates. Lastly, she prepares a Mock Bananas Foster dessert.


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I do a ton of grilling shows. I kept the Thrill of the Grill flyerI do a ton of grilling shows. I kept the Thrill of the Grill flyer from two years ago and use that but the same recipe that is on there is in the Main Dishes Cookbook - Patio Party Fajitas. Everyone just raves about the recipe and now that we have Simple Additions, it makes a gorgeous display for the fajitas (large platter, meat on one side peppers on the other) and for the cheese, olives and salsa (rectangular platter in the middle, small bowls for the condiments). One recommendation - put some red peppers in there also for color. It really stands out against the white Simple Additions.

You could also try anything out of the Casual Cooking (I've done the sausage kabob things - can't remember the name!)

A great way to show off the US&G is to make sliced potatoes. Melt butter in your batter bowl and add your choice of either Dill Mix or Southwestern Seasoning. Slice potatoes right into the bowl - put the cover on and shake up. Spread onto aluminum foil. Top with another piece of foil and poke a couple of vents in the top. This is best done on a middle shelf of a grill so that the potatoes don't scorch on the bottom.

I hope this helps.

Laurie Kenyon
Director/Trainer for The Pampered Chef
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More Grill Show IdeasPampered Chef Grill Party
(From past Director's Loop files)
One of my fellow directors here does grill parties all summer. She has the hostess grill hot dogs or hamburgers, she then demos the condiment holders with the peppers, US&G on the tomatoes and onions, nylon knife or crinkle cutter on th lettuce and pickles, use the chillzane products for presentation, APCS for potatoes with chopped onions and peppers and sliced cheese (place in foil and grill for 20 min), the Quick-Stir Pitcher with lemonade or for ice tea and of course Red, White and Blueberry pie for dessert done ahead).
Thrill of The Grill Show-FLYERDoes anyone have a flyer for a Grilling show? I think they sound great for getting summer bookings! :)
Thrill of the Grill Flyer??????I would be very interested to know if anyone has a "Thrill of the Grill Flyer"
I live in south Carolina at it's already grilling season.

I would love to do one of these shows, but don't have a clue where to start.

Thanks, Karen
Looking for "Thrill of the Grill" flierHi. I was reading the theme show postings. I have some grill shows coming up and wondered if you would post the Thrill of the Grill flier that you had mentioned in one of your postings. Thank you!
This sounds like a great idea! My husband wants to do some of these this summer. I would love a copy of the flyer, if you have one handy :)
I have a Thrill of the Grill invitation. Haven't done a grilling show, but will be doing on in June.


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OOO Great stuff!For the first time in several years I am booking shows in June. My regular job used to keep me from doing to many in June or July. The ideas are really great. I am going to pass on a show I did 4 years ago that involved 20 guests and children.
Grilled Pita Pizzas.
You simply grill up some Italian Sausages, peppers, onions and mushrooms.
Then using various PC products, slice and dice. Chef's Knife, Utility Knife and Paring Knife were all used. Cutting boards, USG, Simple additions.
The way I did this was to start the sausages before any one got there.
I used the Simple Additons Large platter for the pitas. Medium bowls for cheese, cut up sausages, small bowls for the varoius other vegies.
Used the Utility Knife for slicing the peppers, seeded with the paring knife as once they are grilled the "push" method of seeding them is not possible.
I had everyone help prep the grilled condiments. So alot of people used alot of products. Then, each person grabbed a plate, we choose the Dixie styrofoam ones for better handling. They then "built" their pizza. We then put them on the grill for about 10 minutes each. You only need enough time to melt the cheese as everything else is cooked. Our guests did this with the host's husband and uncle manning the grill. I also put out the cheese grater with fresh Parmesan cheese.
I created a stir fry dessert called Mock Bananas Foster while this was happening and getting ready to take orders.
This is great and really simple. Stir Fry Skillet, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 pound sliced bananas(have several of the kids help with the bananas and nuts), 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts, and about 1/4 teaspoon water. Turn the heat to medium on the skillet. Add the pecans or walnuts. Stir fry about 1 or two minutes to release the oils and slightly cook them. Add the brown sugar and water. Mix quickly. Then add the bananas. Serve warm over vanilla ice cream and/or angel food cake.
But I like the ideas I have heard and will use some of those too. Thank you!
Oh yeah, I should mention here that it was the strangest show I have ever had as far as going great but...
I left with out one single order!
However, in 4 days the show was a $900 plus show. Do it yourself, hands on, work really great! The host told me that no one ordered right away because they wanted alot of stuff but had to decide what they could actually order. Please do not ask about bookings or recruits. It didn't happen. They are all stricktly orderers. That happens.
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When you are doing a grill show do you normally use the hostess grill? I'm assuming you do. Also, I have never grilled before(my husband always does it) Now our grill died and I can't practice. If someone wanted to do a grill show could you let them grill while you do the demo or is it better if I were to actually grill? Are grill shows pretty easy? Grilling is very popular up here so I would like to do grill shows if possible.
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let them
janel kelly said:
When you are doing a grill show do you normally use the hostess grill? I'm assuming you do. Also, I have never grilled before(my husband always does it) Now our grill died and I can't practice. If someone wanted to do a grill show could you let them grill while you do the demo or is it better if I were to actually grill? Are grill shows pretty easy? Grilling is very popular up here so I would like to do grill shows if possible.

You don't have to grill anything at the show. Prepare the food and hand the PC BBQ tools to the man of the house and let him do it. While the grilling happens talk about bookings and recruiting and a few other tools and do whatever is left of the recipe. When he returns with the cooked food ask how he liked the tools and apologize that you forgot to give him the most essential BBQ tool - then show him the super swat! They crack up at that one!
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For Ginger - Thrill of the Grill InvitationGinger, your invitation looks awesome!!! Your invitation mentions appetizers - just wondered what appetizers you do at your show. What grill recipe will you be doing? I have done shows out on the Hostess' deck before but have not yet done anything with a grill/BBQ.
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At the grilling show, I am going to leave the grilling up to the host. I will put together all the condiments and a dessert. I figured getting all the condiments show high priced products (ultimate slice 'n grate, chopper, etc.).

For shows with appetizers, my favorite right now is the Athenian Spinach Pastry Rounds in the Season's Best. They are DELICIOUS and great for a show. I also like the Spinach Pinwheels from last W/F 2004 Season's Best. (It's on the website under Season's Best recipes...pull down to older issues) The appetizers really depend on the group and what they've seen before.
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my first grill show in julyI had someone ask me if we could grill at her show in July - I told her we could do whatever she wanted since it is her show. I am going to let her husband grill using the products I have and ones she has as well. Do a demo while he is cooking. I was freaked about better ideas though but you all have helped me be at ease. I did not think about doing the condiments with all our tools! I am in my first SS month, so, I am just getting going. I love the Thrill to Grill invitation. Thank you all soo much!
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Patio Party FajitasHi everyone! This is my first post. :)

Does anyone happen to have the recipe for Patio Party Fajitas handy? I'm doing my first grilling show next week and this is one of the menu options.

Thanks in advance! n
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Patio Party FajitasI too would love the recipe for Patio Party Fajitas. We don't have the Main Dishes cookbook in Canada. Thanks so much.

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I had my first Grilling Show on Saturday. It was really nice, relaxed. The host wanted to have all the prep work done ahead of time and we just did the Italian Grilled Pizza and the Patio Party Fajitas. She fixed the Strawberry Margarita dessert and a couple of the drink recipes besides. The Pizza is quick and really yummy. The Patio Party Fajitas can be made on the grill or if you slice the meat ahead of time and don't want to use the grill outdoors they work great in the Grill Pan! It was 95+ degrees at the show Saturday and we made several trips from the grill into her enclosed Patio room. The food was great. The Carving Set works great for slicing the meats, the Quik Stir Pitchers were a hit too. There are so many tools you get to show at the Grill Shows. Highly recommend them!

1. What is a Pampered Chef Grilling Show?

A Pampered Chef Grilling Show is a fun and interactive cooking demonstration where a Pampered Chef consultant will showcase different grilling recipes and products. It is a great way to learn new grilling techniques and get hands-on experience with Pampered Chef products.

2. How long does a Pampered Chef Grilling Show last?

A typical Pampered Chef Grilling Show lasts about 2 hours. This includes the cooking demonstration, time for guests to sample the food, and the opportunity to shop for Pampered Chef products.

3. Can I host a Pampered Chef Grilling Show at my home?

Yes, you can host a Pampered Chef Grilling Show at your home. Our consultants are happy to come to your location and bring all the necessary equipment for the cooking demonstration. It's a great way to gather friends and family for a fun and delicious event.

4. Are there any special offers or discounts for hosting a Pampered Chef Grilling Show?

Yes, as a host of a Pampered Chef Grilling Show, you can earn free and discounted products based on the sales from your show. Our consultants also offer exclusive deals and discounts for party guests. Contact your consultant for more details.

5. Can I customize the menu for my Pampered Chef Grilling Show?

Yes, our consultants are happy to work with you to create a menu that fits your preferences and dietary restrictions. They can also provide suggestions for different themes and recipes to make your event even more unique and enjoyable.

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