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Has this ever happened to someone?

Jan 31, 2006
I'm beside myself. I had a show scheduled for this evening. I had been trying to get a hold of the host 2-3 times leading up to her show to host coach and always had to leave a message. Last night I tried again, assuming the show was still on and to call me with the final count. Today came and still no call and I assumed I was blown off. I get a call from the host wondering where I was and I said I had tried several times to get a hold of her and with no luck. Since I figured she didn't want a show, I wasn't going to pack up my things and go. She said she hasn't checked her messages in weeks and did today. I feel I did the best I could and now am feeling guilty for what happened. She told me she had 5 people coming, but I didn't have the folders ready and felt by the time I got ready and driven there I would have been really late and distracted and not down well.

What do I do? Has this happend to anyone and what should I do next to make it better? :mad:
Sep 11, 2005
I would try and turn it into a catalog show, you left messages and she never tried to call you so I would not feel bad. You did everything right, was she mad or did she understand?
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Feb 3, 2006
Spin this around and fast

If I was in your situation, I would apologize profusely and offer to call all the people who were going to show up and apologize to them. I know you called and she didn't return your calls( no excuse but she is a potential repeat customer), but somehow make it up to her. Pamper her A$$ and spin this around. Maybe offer to do a show in your own home for her.

Pampered Laura

Personally if it were me, I'd have had everything ready to go the day before, and could have just packed it up and driven there asap when she called...
I don't blame you for not going, but I would have shot outta here like a bat outta you know where had my host called me and said "where are you".

Thats 6 possible recruiting leads (host +5 guests) and who knows how many sales...*shrug*. Now, if she never called me back, and show day came around, I'd have still gone over there. If host wasn't home or whatever when I showed up, I'd have just left a note, and picked up a Milkshake on the way home and call it a night. :D Thats just me though.


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Nov 24, 2004
I've had similar situations with no return phone calls for weeks, regardless of the time I called.
I know it's too late for this one, but in the future, make it a point in the future to call the day before the show and tell her that you can only assume that they have been too busy to call back and everything is under control. Clearly state that you will be at her house at x:xx pm unless you hear otherwise and how you look forward to seeing her.
In doing so, I have had both happen; they've called me back and cancelled, and where they didn't call at all, I showed up and it was a go.
As far as this show, I don't know that I would swallow my pride and call the guests. If I did, I'd be too tempted to let them know that their friend did not follow through and you could not act on assumptions. I'd apologize to the host and if she wants to try again, fine. Otherwise, I'd just let a dead dog lie. I personally, don't miss inconsiderate hostesses. My time wasted (included as an hourly wage) trying to contact them; and usually the show volume (generally low since they didn't have host coaching) is simply not worth my effort and headache to do it again.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
I'm with Rita and Laura. This has happened to me. Luckily, I mail out the invites for my hosts so I know that the guests are coming at least.

This show was in Nov. She had postponed her original date due to her honeymoon...understandable. After the postponing call we spoke once for me to get her guest list. She didn't even give it to me. She had a friend email the list to me. I emailed her the ingredient list, but never heard back from her. I emailed her and called her for 3 weeks leading to her party. This particular day I had a double header and she was my night party...I was so tempted not to show up. But I did!! I rang the doorbell at a darkened doorstop and nothing. I rang 3 times. I slowly walked back to my van...as I opened the door the front door opened. It wasn't my host, it was her friend. The host didn't show up until after the start time of the party. Luckily all of the ingredients were bought, but me and the friend had to hunt in the kitchen for them. Her sales were over $500 and she had 5 bookings!! Remarkable! It was a pain in the butt closing with her, but the fruits of her party were worth the hassle. I'm glad I showed up.

I told my husband on my way out of the door that I might be home real soon. Thankfully, that wasn't true.

Here's my philosophy...what are you out if you go? You had planned on driving out there already. You had planned on packing up your stuff already. You can write off the mileage. Just go, you never know!
Jan 31, 2006

Thank you to all the responses! Unfortunately yesterday has come and go, but I'm going to contact her today and see what I can do to make it better. I have learned a lot from this and hope this doesn't happen again. If it does I'm going to have everything packed and ready to go and make one last call before I leave the house.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what I can say to her today? I want to offer her something for the misunderstanding and make today a better day.