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Has anyone had an Open House/Mystery Host


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Feb 20, 2005
show and not had ALL the new season's products available. I only have one show for September and a couple potentials so I'd really like to try the mystery host thing but I'm concerned because I don't have all the new products. I DO have 50$ PC dollars so I could buy a few more but I'm not sure whether to even bother without having most if not all. Would you or have you had one anyway?

Also, do you just email to those whose email addy's you have or spend money on postage and mail out invites as well. I've seen posts where NOONE showed up and after not getting any bites/orders to my email sale I sent out I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time :confused:

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Whatever you do, be sure to host coach yourself. Call people who have not rsvp'd and be sure to do your reminder calls.

As for not having all the products, I would not worry. That is what the beautiful catalog is for. Listen to the Show and Sell CD so you at least know what you are talking about, and go from there.

Have fun!


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May 6, 2005
I've done a few open houses and I definitely think doing the Mystery Host thing is the way to go. Or you could try one without doing that and see how it goes, especially if you want to get some free products and other benefits for yourself. I've done it without having all the new products, but it does help a little to have some. I did a booth at the county fair about 3 weeks ago and we displayed the new products. WOW did people oooh and aaah over the new products, especially the striped Simple Additions! That's one I'd definitely recommend getting if you use your PC dollars! That really attracts attention.

My personal opinion is to NOT spend the money on postage. I guess it depends how many email addresses you have for people and how big your customer base is. I used to spend lots of $$ sending out invites in the mail. I stopped doing that for the last couple open houses I did and really had about the same attendance. I'd put some in mailboxes (or technically ON mailboxes) in your neighborhood and do the rest via email. Mainly because you never know how the open house will turn out. It could be a bust and nobody shows or you could get a good #. I've learned to look at it as you just never know! I haven't done one in a year and I"m thinking about doing one. I just haven't decided. I had a show postpone from mid-September until ???, so I'm thinking of doing an open house that day instead. We'll see!!! I may combine it with a kids' show I've been wanting to do in my neighborhood, but was waiting for school to get started and everyone to get into the swing of things.


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Jan 27, 2005
My advice is not to call it an "Open House" - people are more likely to come if you call it a Mystery Host Show. A lot of people think an open house is just that - informal drop-in style.

Ask your director to borrow some of the new pieces that you don't have. :)
Jul 28, 2005
kcjodih, I just had a mystery host party! I sent out flyer's to the people that I didn't see that much! handed out flyers to all my neighbors and Called all my friends! I had about 20 people RSVP and only 8 people show up! I had 5 people call the day of the party that something came up, but they were ordering stuff! That way cause they called they got entered into the drawing! And still own some of the door prizes I had. And a chance to become the mystery host! At the end of my party I had $200.00 worth of sales in my hand! I am closing my party on Wedensday and have 10 outside orders that I'm picking up! Plus I got 4 bookings! 2 catalog shows and 2 kitchen shows! Plus my name is out in my neighborhood! So good luck! If you have any questions~feel free to e~mail me! [email protected]
I can try to help! Good luck!

Note: I agree don't call it an open house! No one will come!